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okay i will try them both if i can find them at a retail, any other suggestions for me to go and try? :)
What kind of music do you listen to? i am having a look at the k271s now but i cant find them for $150 Oo only $200+
The only problem i sound with the MDR 1R is that it hasn't got good isolation and when i am on a bus  i found half of the sound is from people talking and the other half is the music unless i turn it to ridiculously high volumes. What would you recommend for isolation that isn't IEM or on ear? i find it interesting that most of the 'portable' headphones don't really isolate that well, for me when i am walking around with headphones i like isolation.
Thank you for helping me narrow it down. I have looked at both the beyerdynamic DT1350 and sennheiser amperior but i would prefer a full size headphones (i will be using them for like 8 hours straight) since i find IEMs and on-ear headphones uncomfortable after a few hours.      I find IEMs and on the ear headphones uncomfortable (even the ones that are meant to be really comfortable) after a few hours. i will be listening to them for like 8 hours straight or long periods...
Hey,   I was wondering which of these headphones isolate outside noise (such as on buses or in crouds) the best (please rate /10 of how well they isolate if you have heard them)? Note: I would not like on ear or IEM because i wish to use them over 8 hours and find they will get uncomfortable after say 4 hours.   Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Uptown beyerdynamic  DT 770 pro ultrasone pro 750 shure sr840 logitech 6000 Sennheiser Momentum Denon...
  I have tried the MDR 1R and yes i agree, one of the most comfortable pair of headphones i tried. Although i disagree about the isolation part, i found i heard the people talking heaps over the top of the music i was listening too. I agree the NC was too expensive.
What about the Denon AH-D1100 for isolation? it doesn't have to cancel out everything just enough for people talking on buses or something like that. I find on-ear design uncomfortable after like 3 hours and since i am going to be listening to them for like 6-10 hours i would like a full sized headphones that isolate well while being not too big for portability (something like the akg 550 for example would be too big) Would you know any that fit this category? (preferably...
+1 to Sony MDR 1R if isolation isn't important.  Maybe add the denon ah d-2000 to that list 
I found after about 3-4 hours use of on-ear headphones are not comfort, so i would like over-ear so i can listen to them for like 8 hours. I tried the momentum but found there a bit bass heavy. Okay thanks for the suggestions, i read a lot of views on it and found they are very good if they fit properly but usually they dont.  Have you tried any of the others on the list that i can narrow down?   Does anyone else use any of those headphones? how good is the isolation, is...
Hey,   Which one of these headphones isolate the best?   Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Denon AH-D1100
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