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Hey,   The headphones i own are the sennheiser hd 600 (and planning on getting beyerdynamic t70p) what headphone amp/dac would be better for $400 or under? (sorry about another one of these threads i know there is a lot on this but i couldnt see much on the specific amp i was looking at).    Aune T1 or the Maverick stack (A1 and D2) or another one?   Would a combo work better (dac and amp) or would it be better to spend the money towards a more powerful tube...
Hey All,   I am after a full size over the ear portable headphone easy to drive and was wondering about what one of these would be the best value for money?   Beyerdynamic T5p for $1050 or Beyerdynamic T70p for $400?   I have read reviews and know the T5p is better but is the difference worth the ~$600 price gap?     Thanks in advanced~
I hope this is the same price or cheaper then the x3, i am going to buy 10 (of coarse not all for me, its for my music class that i have known over 5 years) of whatever one is cheaper. Buying 10 DAPs kind of makes the price important. Really hope this is the same price or cheaper then x3 but i doubt it will be cheaper. Still~ like everyone else here patiently waiting for the price. 
What about Australia? also is anyone else having problems accessing their website?   Would this replace the FiiO E17 or would their be a significant increase in sound quality if they were connected together?
is anyone aware of the size of the earcups for these headphones? i tried the sennheiser momentums and they were too small, would this be bigger?  
try the JDS labs c5 :)  
hmm how would they be for comfort after 8 hours of use though? i do prefer over ear because i think after 4-5 hours of using on ear they will be uncomfortable
okay i will try them both if i can find them at a retail, any other suggestions for me to go and try? :)
What kind of music do you listen to? i am having a look at the k271s now but i cant find them for $150 Oo only $200+
The only problem i sound with the MDR 1R is that it hasn't got good isolation and when i am on a bus  i found half of the sound is from people talking and the other half is the music unless i turn it to ridiculously high volumes. What would you recommend for isolation that isn't IEM or on ear? i find it interesting that most of the 'portable' headphones don't really isolate that well, for me when i am walking around with headphones i like isolation.
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