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Hi all,   Just wondering what cables people would recommend for these headphone?   I do want it to be durable and withstand if it gets twisted a lot.   Here are some I have been looking at:   Endorphin Balanced Hardwired Cable   Black Dragon V2 Cable   The cable from    DHC Molecule Elite Headphone Cable   Any help will be greatly appreciated.   Thanks
Yep, I meant OLED :)  What do you mean you would prefer OLED over eInk or you were just correcting me because I said LCD?
Here is my suggestion:   +1 to the person that said "empty mSATA ssd slot"   - Add eInk Pannel, not sure about everyone else but some advantages of eink over LCD is: battery life, much easier to view in the sun, doesn't emit as much blue light as LCD screens (in other words you won't get eye strain because it is similar to reading paper)
But who wants that for US$2,400 you can buy a hm901 + sony zx1 and still have money left instead of buying astell and kern Ak240
How does it compare to RWAK120?
I am with Xinze on this, I bought a mac for university and it is a waste of money. Have had to reinstall the operating system over 5x because of faulty updates, replace the power cable twice etcetera.   Don't get mac from my experience they dont last, i am giving mine away to my sister because of i have never experienced this many problems with my PC laptop.
comments on the isolation of the MK2 anyone?
Any chance of redoing this? :)   or maybe i just wait for the 10 driver this year (hmm)
For those with the zx1, would you be able to make some comparisons for me to other players you have you in terms of: Build quality, Battery Life and sound quality?
can anyone compare them to the Sony MDR-1R in terms of sound leakage and isolation?   the reason i returned my MDR-1R is because i could clearly head everyone around me unless i turn it up really high, which it leaked. So it was hard to call them portable when i could hear everyone over the music.
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