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@goodsound, Lorspeaker, gr8soundz, money4me247: thanks for your input on leakage and bleeding.   @money4me247  "The PM-2's build quality is fine. Really no noticeable problems. There really aren't many headphones that use real leather anyway. There is the $300ish Sennheiser Momentum and $1k+ Ultrasone Sig DJ... Real leather doesn't make or break a pair of headphones. Uncomfortable design does though. I think the design and sound of the headphones are more important than...
Please expand to Australia~
How well do they isolate and can other people hear what your listening to if you use these on the bus?
Below is comments from me based on comfort: Looks like you auditioned similar headphones to me: Sennhesier momentum over ear, B&W P7, PSB M4U2. For me my main decision in deciding not to get the is comfort. Sennhesier momentum over ear for my ear was too small and squashed the top of my ear, hurting after a while, B&W P7 the headband I found not soft and after a while felt pain on the top of my head and the PSB M4U2 I didnt like the clamping force at all. Although comfort...
All I can think when I look at this is, Sony MDR 1R, even the earpads look identical.   For those who tried this how much do they isolate (comparisons against headphones such as Sony MDR 1R, Logitech ue6000, sennheiser momentum over ear, beyerdynamic t5p will be much appreciated)?   Also how much can people hear what your listening too?
@ZX1 owners   What are you comments on this video and measurements?  I was thinking of getting Cowon because of that video
Would you recommend it for portable use? I would be putting it in a soft case in my backpack.
How much does the Z7 leak and bleed?
Hey Everyone,   I am looking at the same thing, can I please have recommendations?   What are your comments on durability Griploc and Skunkworker?
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