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you can start in your own house. you just need the tools to start and the will to start a project. just buy things as you can afford them and try that's all it takes.
i have been a mechanic for over 20 years now and still consider myself an amateur. You can never stop learning in life. 
Your work never stops to amaze me. Keep up the good work. the vertebrae one is still my fav thou that thing is off the hook. 
Nice i quite like it i had a few issues with it starting to skip for awhile when playing music, but i switched USB ports and it seemed to fix the issue. I quite enjoy it out of all my amps it seems to stay the coolest. might be cause i only use it as a DAC thou for my Audio-GD ROC SA.
It was a rough night, last night first after spending almost an hour stripping my 6 foot piece of Canare L-4E5S wire  i somehow managed to cut one of the wires about right in the middle. Then after about another hour trying to feed the wire threw the type 1 paracord it stopped about 4 feet in and will not go any farther. "sigh" definitely not my night for cable building. i think the 22 ga Canare wire is too thick for type 1 paracord. So its back to the drawing board for me...
I have ordered 12 of these from the seller and shipped to my house in 2 weeks no issues so far.
i thought the switchcraft ones were well made, when i did my DT770 cable mod. have not tried the others yet.
Use a muti-meter and test for continuity across both ends
a true classic
I know this feeling and dilemma well. i just switch to my DT 770's when the girlfriend starts bitching. funniest thing for me is when i do she then complains that i can't hear hear after i switch. It's a no win for me no matter what i do.
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