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Yes it would affect it cause it will not match the firmware on the on board firmware chip you need to match the driver to the USB firmware.
What connector are you referring too the 1/8 to 1/4 trs? And yes you will need to solder the new end.
Have you tried switching USB ports? I had This issue a few times and it quit after switching USB ports
What I find the most funny is that I first ordered a schitt magni from schitt and cost me about 35$ usd and shipped us postal. Then paid 20$ import fees at the door to Canada. I later ordered a audio-gd nfb-15.32 from china which cost me 30$ and 20$ import fees which is comparable the biggest difference was the time it took to get the amps the magni took 3weeks to get from California and the nfb-15 took 4 days from china. Quite a difference considering the distance they...
I wouldn't consider the audio gd nfb-15 to be very big being that it's an all in one with the Dac part of the amp. If you take the schitt magni and modi there comparable in size to the nfb-15 and it will do just what your looking for.
I really like my beyerdynamic dt770's there a pretty good headphone for all types of music
The import charges for me where 20$ at the door in Alberta another fellow head fire in ontario bought his at the same time as me paid 25$ so I seems to very by province and mine came by Dhl and was at my house in 4 days
if you get the txco upgrade on the nfb-15 yes it will run you about 350 canadian
not far from the truth IMO
I find the a-gd drivers work fine with very minimal issues with my pc or laptop pretty much set it and forget it.only issue i had so far is crashing the firmware chip when i tried to update it.
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