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Stuff ill bring    Amp/dacs Audio gd 15.32 Teac ud-h01   Headphones Hifiman HE-400 Beyerdynamics DT 880's ,770's Audio Technica A900x's Sennheiser Amperiors   going to leave my audio-gd roc at home this time its just to big to bring again.
Put me down for attending,don't know if ill bring everything i got this time but always up for a headphone meet.
    New Alex Metric kinda dig his vibe!
I'm always in for a Calgary headphone meet.
Thanks all to the people that organized this meet and the great people at grant fidelity for sponsoring the event it was a great meet. i really have to thank CTC audio for the lovely T-Peos IEMS i won as a door prize.(will leave impressions after a few weeks of listening.) There was so much gear at this meet it was hard to get to some of it i should have took more time and listened to more of grant fidelity's yulong d200 and x sabre dacs. i really enjoyed...
it really just changes it so the volume knob so it works or does not work. its more for if you wanted to run another amp after it and not have to adjust the volume control on both amps.
its just if you want the volume control knob to control the volume on output,(variable) or the volume set at a preset point and the volume knob does nothing.(fixed)
better yet you can listen to them i got my start with planars at the last headphone meet with HE-500 and have been hooked ever since i still love my dt 770's thou best closed headphone i find atleast but i'd love to hear some mad dogs or alpha dogs now maybe even an alpha prime if someone has them...maybe not my bank account might not take it. LOL i would wear them on the plane with my phone to avoid shipping charges. its would be worth the funny looksi would love to hear...
I'm in too    gear i will bring     Amps Audio gd 15.32 Audio gd ROC SA Teac UD-H01 Schiit Magni   Headphones  Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro's (250 ohms), DT 880 Premiums (600 ohms) Hifiman HE-400 Sennheiser HD 518's, Amperiors  Audio Technica 900x's
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