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Just got mine, great amp but it seems the file manager will only read so far down a directory tree, so I will have to re-arrange my music library so that all audio files will be read.
I'm on openSUSE 13.1, my laptop is a ThinkPad T510.
I've had a T1 now for one year and a half now, so just to evaluate:   The drivers for it in ALSA (the main audio interface in Linux) are incredibly buggy, particularly when I have to use a hub or a docking station where the USB ports aren't necessarily 'separate' from a hardware perspective. I've tried it with Pulseaudio, right now I'm using it without, but ever since I added more peripherals to my laptop, ever since I couldn't have the T1 in a port directly on the...
I realised the problem: I forgot to remove the phono preamp from the mix when I was changing inputs to non-phono sources.
My unit has now developed an issue related to the Line Input. As far as I know this has nothing to do with the valve as that is only for the DAC section.   It is way over-amped, and the result is serious distortion across the entire frequency spectrum. I've tested it with my cassette and minidisc player with the same results, so I know it's nothing to do with the source. On another note, even if I unplug the PSU I still get an output (albeit much quieter) with the same...
Just discovered a weird coincidence: my Aune T1 tends to stutter whenever I have an SD card inserted into either the built-in card reader, or an external USB device. I guess it's something to do with the Linux kernel drivers playing up, or maybe I've just got too many devices hooked up. Anyway it works completely fine whenever there's no card inserted.
In my setup (6922EH + Koss Pro 3aa) the low-end seems a little too fleshed out, almost to the point of overpowering the mids and highs. I really like the detail in the bass but I just wish it was a little 'quieter'. That said, I may have my gain controls in the wrong place, I don't really understand how to use those or how to adjust them to suit my headphones best. 
It has stopped today. I'm currently using the default audio driver with openSUSE (Linux) which happens to be ALSA. The crackle/stutter was happening with all audio signals. I even restarted the PC with no success with the amp. But for some reason it's sorted itself out now.
Weird occurrence today: my unit seems to be faintly cracking, combined with the sound stuttering every 5 seconds. I've tried both my tubes and I'm getting the same result, so I assume it's something to do with the amp. I'll leave it a few days and if it persists I'll request further attention.
So I guess the only option for me (with a GS2) is to take the HDMI out of the MicroUSB and convert that to SPDIF, which can be used with most DACs. Bit of a pain, but if I ever need it, it's there.
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