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My FAT32-formatted Sandisk Ultra 64GB Class 10 card works without a hitch, although I have some lower capacity cards that I've tried for firmware upgrades and such, that have not been recognised by the player.
The players as of now are packaged with 1.22 or earlier firmwares. 1.22 is known to be stable and it has worked fine for me, so I wouldn't worry too much.
What if I just want a clean headphone output and I don't care about sound signature?
Well, I figured out how to create cue files with shntool, but I have a problem - my M2 is recognising them as empty, unplayable folders. I've tried everything under the sun, between alternating between combined .wav and .flac files, adding extra metadata into the cuesheet, putting cue files at the root directory of the SD cue files are encoded UTF-8, if anyone has working cue files do you know what character coding they use? Thanks for any further help.
That would be the reason why 1.23 was not posted to the website. I think they just mailed it as something to tinker with.
Two problems I have with my M2 (standard), with the current official firmware (1.22):   The file manager will not read filenames over a certain number of characters. I could shorten them all but that is just hassle, and given that some of my files were (legitimately) downloaded that way, I don't want to face changing them and removing their 'authenticity'. The software skips about half a second of audio from the start of each track, when both selected and when...
Just got mine, great amp but it seems the file manager will only read so far down a directory tree, so I will have to re-arrange my music library so that all audio files will be read.
I'm on openSUSE 13.1, my laptop is a ThinkPad T510.
I've had a T1 now for one year and a half now, so just to evaluate:   The drivers for it in ALSA (the main audio interface in Linux) are incredibly buggy, particularly when I have to use a hub or a docking station where the USB ports aren't necessarily 'separate' from a hardware perspective. I've tried it with Pulseaudio, right now I'm using it without, but ever since I added more peripherals to my laptop, ever since I couldn't have the T1 in a port directly on the...
I realised the problem: I forgot to remove the phono preamp from the mix when I was changing inputs to non-phono sources.
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