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 Aw yeah! Patience (or laziness) sometimes really pays off
 Thanks, jaywillin! It's definite that the Mad Ear+ has a proven track record (and absolute synergy with Grados), but the Lyr2 is the newest kid on the block with the latest and greatest (and at half the price).
I'd be very interested to read a comparison of the Mad Ear+ and a Lyr (2).
If anybody has listened through both the Lyr 2 and a Mad Ear HD+, I assume the latter is still the one to use with Grado 'phones?
I just swung by their site, and most of their links are 404'd. But of course their store page is still up. Anybody know what's up with that?
Hi WhiskeyJacks,   I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. You said that you're looking for a DAC and an amp, and this version of the Pico is only a DAC. Listening straight from it means you'll only be able to hear your source at full volume.
Hi everyone! Up for sale here is a Pico DAC in like new condition. It comes w/ the carrying bag, manual, and USB cable.   Payment through Paypal. I'll try to ship it out the next day, but if work is really busy it'll have to wait until the weekend.   Thanks for looking!
Hey everybody,   this SRH840 never saw a lot of use, and it deserves a better home.   All original accessories ares included: coiled cord, threaded adapter, travel bag, and manual.   $XXX shipped, Paypal only. No trades please.   Thanks for looking!
Hey everybody. I've been having to move around too much these days to just sit down and properly listen. Ergo, they deserve a new home.             $XXX shipped, via Paypal. No offers for trades, please. And these won't be leaving the US of A.   PM if interested. Thanks for looking!
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