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Selling these rare Toshiba HR-910 Electret Headphones (ca. 1979?) in original box with all accessories: Headphones Adaptor Unit Replacement ear pads (slightly disintegrated) Manual   Both included ear pads (one is an ear-covering and the other an ear-fitting type, as explained in the manual) have started to disintegrate slightly. The headphones are connected to the adaptor unit which can then be connected to either a headphone amp or a speaker amp using the four...
Pulse shipping before Christmas would be a surprise at this point. On another note, it seems lhlabs forums are now censored, posted messages do not appear before they are approved by a mod.
Stuck at the golden ears level Frequency Bands Challenge... that one actually requires you to learn and train quite a bit.
These Taiwanese headphones using a hybrid of dynamic drivers and Air Motion Transformer (AMT) technology were apparently presented at CES 2014:   The only other headphones to use the Air Motion Transformer principle seem to...
Ukranian brand "Echo", check
I have the T1 and it pairs very well with the HE-500. You will most likely want to change the stock tube though, so the actual cost will be higher.
Arrgh couldn't resist - Geek Pulse X Femto it is! With all this commotion, was a decision ever made regarding the ES9018 desktop chip?
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