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This. Right now all LHLabs actions are making them appear to be a pyramid scheme. People who have been waiting for more than a year for a product are being coaxed to pay more money to "upgrade" to a product that will delay things for another year.
Quote:I'm a lurker by nature and only post when I have something to say but I'm going to take that as a motivation to reach 30 posts on GF forums. Decades of Internet experience tells me I will be far from the only one to do so... so they better add an off-topic section to the forums quick.
My complete lack of surprise to find fiery hell on page 666 of a thread.
Yep! Free workout!  
I blind-bought the HE-500 as a student for $700 a few years ago from a store coming from a Bayer DT-880 and various Senns. It was love at first listen. Years later, after having been to headphone shows and having listened to almost all flagship dynamic, planar magnetic and electostatic headphones including the Orpheus I can safely say that for my personal tastes nothing beats the fun, engaging representation of planars, no matter if Hifiman or Audeze or Oppo. Given that I...
This is great news to me, since I am liking my Geek Out 450 better than my Aune T1 even though I too appreciate a bit of warmth. So the Pulse Xfi should not disappoint :)Thanks for the first impressions.
They copy-paste a generic response blurb ("we'll get to it right away" etc.) and immediately close the ticket every single time. They've been about to "ship it tomorrow" for weeks now - while selling the exact same silver Geek Out 450 on Amazon with 1-2 business days shipping. My first and only bad crowd-funding experience. As for the noise floor, I was referring to the Geek Out 450, see these...
Why would you believe their ridiculous lies? Those estimates are just wishful thinking by someone with neither education nor experience in project management. Despite multiple promises I still haven't received my Geek Out - which I will probably have to sell anyway since it turns out not only do they suck at customer relations, they also suck at engineering. The Geek Out has a higher noise floor than any of the competition and can't drive IEMs. I don't expect a Pulse in...
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