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I just can never leave things well enough alone I guess. When I get a new car I swap in a bigger motor etc.
The dimensions of the N series pictured next to iPods of various generations depicts a player in roughly the same size league. I have done major surgery on iPods and found the hard drives are pretty small (1.8"). If Jaganee does open up the N3 and measures the hard drive we'll see what will physically fit in the player.
I often buy parts for my old Honda Civic from Malaysia and can track them clear across the Pacific. Usually takes 3 days to reach Seattle. But they ship via FedEx, DHL or UPS. The U.K.s Royal Mail is stretched pretty thin across the globe so it will take a while ....    Singapore and China are probably having a celebration for their New Years and the U.K. has snow so I'll wait.
Let us know what you find inside. I am wondering what Hard Drive and voltage it is running. Would be nice to upgrade to an SSD drive.
It is probably on the dock in Singapore or in the air. More than likely not in the United Kingdom. I am positive if it were in the hands of HisoundUK it would be on the way here. His eBay feedback shows a very motivated seller.
He said it's an N1.
  I would put my iPod Photo/Earbudz on the loaner circuit but I respect you fellas more than that.
Between Chinese New Years, ParcelForce and snow in London I am fated to be using Apple iPods sound of fingernails on a chalkboard for a while. Hooray for being Irish !!!!   Why do they call it PacelForce "24 express" anyways ?!? From the reviews I read they are quite poor.
Thank you f taking time for the review. I am sure the sound will only get better when the components have time to burn in. I see that there are units that go for over $1k that have NO internal memory and No UI screen, so I think the Hisoundaudio N series are quite a good deal.   I can't wait for the N3 to arrive at my doorstep !!! I am so weary of iPod/iTunes.  
The end of next week may also be the case.   I set up a MediaMonkey account in anticipation for the N3 arrival in the meantime.
New Posts  All Forums: