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I guess. I just have to get them before the lawsuit between beats and Yamaha closed I suppose.
Thanks Jeff. You are really helpful.
HD439 with bass mod. I opened all three holes. Bass is okay now for it but it sorta muddles everything else. I also brefiely owned a bower and winkins p3 but I had comfort issues so I returned. Never will get on ears again. I also previously owned a pair of hd280 pros, but they where too flat and uncomfortable. Returned those too.
after thinking about it, I'll get the v modas. If bass is to heavy, I'll return those and get the sonys. I plan to buy a firefly DAC for the headphones, too.
Please tell me your address and I'll be there shortly. :3Tell me though, what is your opinion of the m100 and if the headphone under it is the mdr-1r, your opinion on it too. Thanks
Thanks for your two cents. I've always been torn between sound quality and clarity and bass amounts. I though I have found something that would fit both tastes in the m 100's or Sony mdr-1r's but I guess the pro 500s are also a reasonable option too. I'll consider those.
Thanks. Build quality of the m 100s are a strong point,I suppose.
I have but I wound get those. They seem particularly to large. I forgot to mention, but the cans need to be portable as in I can walk around in them, travel, ect.
I'll look them up
Still leaning towards v modas. Never heard of the JVC sz2000
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