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Another vote for Etymotic IEMs.  ER-6i user.  If these ever die, will get the HF-5 or ER-4P.  
 I recently bought ALO's The National to use with my iPod classic.  It is still breaking in, but I am impressed with the sound and build quality.    I purchased it blindly (never ideal), but did so after research here.  And so far I am not disappointed.      Regards, Pat
  Good idea.  Sent Drew an email this morning.    -Pat
Working the scheduled day. Hopefully can make next meet and bring some hardware.  Enjoy!      Pat
Mine should be here tomorrow.  Also a Christmas gift to me.  First DAC/amp; great to hear the positive impressions. 
Nice writeup.  I used to be one of those 'speakers only' guys.  But I use headphones a lot more now and really enjoy them.  This site has been an invaluable resource.    Btw, that is great you get to travel so much.  
Drew recabled my K701 (cat snack incident). Since I did not split the cable to both drivers directly, he had recommended Blue Dragon. I have been pleased with the results. And Drew did a nice, clean termination.
Quote: Originally Posted by DennyL I just haven't had problems with my compact disk players. No issues with my players either. I am still using an Arcam MCD from '98. The only work I had done was an upgrade (ECO) to the digital out so it would clock correctly off outboard dacs. Have had Sony, Denon, and now Naim. Varied price ranges. All have lasted well beyond 3 yrs. (except for Naim. Have only owned it 2 yrs). Pat
Quote: Originally Posted by Kataklystik how much is the CIAudio VHP-2 ? $349. And the optional power supply is $150. I'm using the VHP-1/VAC-1 with my K701s. I like the combination, but I have not had a chance to compare it to other amplifiers. Pat
I'm using an Airhead with HD580s at work. I echo Assorted's comments and it is a good combo for me. Pat
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