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I had a pretty good experience with JH audio (JH-13).    I ordered during the thanksgiving sale. With the holidays, the projected shipping date was mid-January. However, my first two impressions were no good (this is despite going to the audiologist they recommended on their website). I finally was able to get an acceptable impressions to JH audio in the second week of January.    They were nice enough to do rush processing on mine (I did not request it). My headphones...
I have had the JH13 for 3 days now. These are my first customs, so I am still getting used to them.    On my right ear, I have this feeling of discomfort in the canal area and anti-tragus (as mentioned on the Jhaudio website). I can still listen to the JH13 for an hour before I cannot tolerate the discomfort. Whereas the left earpiece 'disappears' in a few minutes, I know there is something 'obtrusive' in my right ear.    On the FAQ page, Jhaudio mention to keep at it...
Pain of Salvation - 12:5
Another Indian here from Mumbai, currently studying in Chicago. Would love to meet some audiophiles on my not so frequent visits back.
Tool - Aenima (the song) Sepultura - Roots
Mostly albums, very rarely just songs. Never shuffle.
Up the Downstair (including Staircase Infinities) with Signify a close second. Although I am a recent fan, I prefer the earlier PT phase, upto Lightbulb Sun. Its really shocking to see Signify get no votes. I think its a brilliant album with a lot of variety. Also, no Voyage 34 in the poll? Thats another album which really needs a specific mood to listen to. Awesome production though. Quote: Originally Posted by catscratch Up the Downstair -...
London Boys - 12 Commandments of Dance My first piece of music ever.
Tool - Parabol, as an intro to Parabola Dream Theater - Blind Faith Pink Floyd - Time Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar Isis - In Fiction Mouth of the Architect - Hate and Heartache Metallica - Master of puppets Metallica - Orion Porcupine Tree - Radioactive Toy Liquid Tension Experiment - Paradigm Shift Opeth - April Ethereal Cryptopsy - ...And then it passes
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeff Guidry I am literally stunned that I have found one other person with my same exact feelings about those three albums. I have been a fan of theirs since I saw them open for Rollins Band shortly after Opiate was released, and I think their latest work is deeply disappointing, but unlike virtually every other "true"' Tool fan, I never thought AEnima was especially good, at least compared to Undertow. Undertow loses steam...
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