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Impatience will be the death of me. I found Blue Cow Cables, a UK-based company who seems to make hi-end cables. I found http://bluecowcables.com/product.php?id_product=29 , but this is male/male. After some quick e-mails, I've ordered a custom made male/female extension cable from him. And ordered a modmic.   To top it off, my TiHD arrived today. Brilliant.
I'm looking into just using an extension cord (1.5 metres / 5 ft). I reckon I'd need a quality extension cord, but I'm having somewhat troubles finding good ones, since they all are named "super high end mega extension gold plated platina".   Could someone recommend some brands / types of extension cables I should look at? I live in Norway, so if it's a brand only sold in US, the shipping alone would outweigh the cost of the cable itself.
Oh my. I didn't notice that the 250 ohm version has a coiled cord - I thought it was straight. The coiled cord isn't working for my, as it's connected to the back of my stationary computer below my desk. I could always use an extender-cable, but I'm sceptical to this in terms of distortion/power loss - could anyone comment on extending with say 1meter?    If extending is a bad idea (considering I'm running it on a Titanium HD without external amp), I'll just return...
I said that Titanium HD claims it can run headphones up to 330 ohm yes, but I was looking for confirmation from someone actually trying The DT770 pro 250 with TiHD - and I got this on a PM from Honkytime. Apparently the TiHD has several modes, and as long as you use Audio Creation Mode or Game Mode, it lets you play louder than you need.    I'm ordering this combo then, I'll let you know what I think from a newbie's point of view.
But then there's the question if the TiHD can actually run the 250 ohm version..
Thank you, this is what I was hoping to hear. I suspect I won't miss any bass due to not being a particular basshead, but nice to know about the op-amps.   Cheers! :) 
Thank you so much for your replies. Yeah, I noticed I wrote "Asus X-Fi", I of course meant Creative. Spending 10+ hours reading about these two cars isn't healthy.   Due to the fact that I've been using internal soundcard with poor gaming headsets(like Siberia V2) previously, I suspect I won't notice the bloated bass from using TiHD + D770 Pro. I think I'll try this combination, and then I still have the option to get an amp later on, like the Magni.
No one with some helpful information on this matter? :) 
After reading some more, I've come to question if the X-fi Titanium HD actually has an amp, or just allows you to run headphones up to 300ohm.   My main goal here is to play FPS games with virtual surround. I thought I could do this with the DT 770s plugged into a Titanium HD. Would I be better off with the Asus STX (which features an on-board amp) ? Or would I need an external amp no matter what sound card I choose?  
Hello!   I've been spending the last weeks trying to decide on a setup for gaming audio. I recently got the Astro A40 + MixAMP Pro 2013 bundle, but due to faulty hardware and firmware, I'm returning it.   I'm not an audiophile. I've previously used a Steelseries Siberia V2 headset with internal soundcard from my mobo. My main use for this setup is 80% gaming with voicecomms(mainly FPS, which is why I need good directional sound), and 20% music/movies. Again,...
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