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i think i just found a deal though i am not really sure. vsonic gr07 mkii classic color version $86.45   http://www.aliexpress.com/item/VSONIC-GR07-BASS-MKII-Edition-High-Fidelity-Professional-Stereo-Inner-Ear-Earphones-Earbuds/1662004331.html
i never thought about socket difference. i was thinking that they should be the same. about ad826, do they sound like the dual version of ad825? there was a thread on the forum, somebody reviewed alot of opamps suggesting ad8066 and ad825. and thank you for your insightful reply. i owe you one :)
i am gonna use it with superlux hd668b, it is around 50 ohms, i suppose it wouldn't hurt to build it with 2 batteries. i am wondering if there are any other opamps which can perform better, like ad826 or ad8066. anybody have any idea? by the way, thank you all, for all your insightful comments.
thank you, i appreciate it. i think i am going to build the same circuit i have described with OPA2134. and like you said, all it takes is to change op-amp with another, jrc4556ad for example.
i am thinking about building a cmoy. i wandered around the internet and read bunch of stuff.   seems that there was a guy, nwavguy, who did an awesome home amplifier called objective 2 (which is currently sold on jds labs web page, i am sure most of you aware of), which is a nice objective by the way. he also did some measurements on a standart cmoy with a flawed design.   i know there are lots of better desings, but they are too complicated to build (it would be...
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