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Thanks a lot man.... World is not such a dark place after all  
Thanks dear Beagle   Bought Lets see how that goes.  
Bump.   I have been to guitar centre and best buy Magnolia.   Very few headphones to try.   ANY OTHER SITEE IN PHILADELPHIA ?   Saddens me. This rampant & manipulative capitalism . You have to guess what a headphone will sound like. Reviews are subjective and confusing. so we are all trapped in a maze looking for a perfect headphone .   Why wont they us compare n contrast before buying?
Pioneer SE-MJ591
Hi, I am a new  here. just wanted to enjoy my music. There is a lot of information here but its very confusing too. I was looking for over the ear closed headphones and did try Shure srh 840 and AT M50 for a few days but did not like those partly because my source is low quality and I have no amp.   After many days of painful reading and re-reading about people's biases and dispositions, I went to Magnolia and tried the handful of headphones there for myself . This...
Here it goes ....again   Can anyone tell me  if and where Can I sample headphones like ATH M 50 and Shure 840 etc. in philadelphia to see which one sounds the best.   Its a tough question but please help if you can.
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