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This is the correct answer (for me, anyways.)  If it sounds good, then run with it!
Honestly, it's just a group of kids who don't hang out with each other under normal circumstances, but would like to listen to each other's headphones.  Very few clubs in high school are sustainable.  I have been the advisor for the Raspberry Pi Club, the Writing Club, the Poetry Out Loud Club, the Latino Club, the Ski Club... and a few others I can't remember.  None of them lasted very long, but they were great fun while they did.
Right now I'm using an iPad2 with the Camera Connection Kit which allows me to bypass the internal DAC and feed it right to my Schiit Modi.  I use it to stream Spotify premium 320, and it sounds amazing.  You could easily pick up a used iPad for £200.     But maybe you're looking for something a bit smaller?  If that's the case, just disregard everything I typed.  
There are a few equalizer apps on the App Store.  Some are more effective than others, but I've heard good things about EQu.  I never mess around with them, but you might see some improvements.  Good luck!
Thanks for the comparison!  I've always wondered how they stacked up directly.  Now I need to get out and listen to a set of RS1s.  
I think I will.  I just don't relish the thought of being without my newly-acquired piece of kit for any length of time.     They seem to have a reputation for really being on the ball with this type of thing.  I don't expect it will be too much of a hassle.
I'd suggest the DIY route, as well.  Check out iFixit.  They have all the guides and tools you'd ever need.  It's where I go whenever I need to take something apart, and they've never led me astray.
Sennheiser 598s Quartet San Francisco - Spain
I just picked up my M/M stack last week, and so far it's amazing!  The power cable on the Magni is a bit finicky, though.  Anyone else experiencing this?  When I first plug it in, the little status LED flickers a bit.  If I jiggle the plug on the back of the unit, it clears up, though.  It's not a big concern, just wondering if I'm alone in this.  Thoughts?
I'm a teacher, and I keep my Sennheiser 598s on a headphone stand on my desk.  I've had so many kids ask if they can see/ listen to them.  Over the last five or six months no less than three of my students have ditched their Beats and stepped up their game (two pairs of Fostex T50s and Grado S80s, funny enough).  Now we joke about starting a Head-Fi club after school.
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