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I'm in the same boat.  I ordered mine on the 23rd, thinking that they would get all the orders shipped out by the 30th or so.  I emailed Jason last week, just to see when they'd get them all out, and his reply was brief and to the point (if not overly helpful)   "It'll ship out next week, most likely."   So, there's that.   I assume they're just a bit overwhelmed right now, trying to get caught up.  Hopefully it will be worth the wait.
And, they're SOLD.  Thanks to all interested parties!
[SOLD!]  Up for sale is my much-beloved pair of Sennheiser 598s.  I've got my eye on a pair of HE-500s, so these need to go!  These were purchased new by me in January of this year, and have been used very lightly.  They are in fantastic shape, show virtually no wear, and sound fantastic. The pictures really speak for themselves.  Included in the sale is the original box, cable, 3.5mm adapter, and the original sales receipt, should warranty issues arise.  $175 shipped...
And, the Magni is SOLD!   Thanks to all interested parties!
[SOLD!} Up for sale is my very gently used Schiit Magni.  I purchased it new in February, and it has served me quite well, but it's time to upgrade to the new Asgard.     It's in perfect condition with no blemishes anywhere.  I've used it lightly (perhaps 20-30 hours total) and the pictures speak for themselves. I will ship it in the original boxes, with all original packing materials and paperwork.  $90 shipped anywhere in the CONUS, and I'll take care of the PayPal...
Well, it will require some time and effort on your part, but I'd recommend either the Sales Corner over at TimeZone (for watches below $5000) or the Showcase (watches over $5000).  I say it will take some time because you need to look very carefully for what you want, and will need to buy from someone with impeccable references.  I spent a few years as a 'watch guy' and TimeZone is the best community out there.     Really, though, if you're trying to keep it around...
Cable is sold!  Thanks to all those who were interested!
[SOLD] I've got an extra Red V-Moda audio only cable that I ordered for my Fostex T50's.  This cable (for those that don't know) is 3.5mm on both ends, with one end angled at a 45 degree angle, which makes them perfect for using a pair of Fostex T50's with a PMP.  I ordered two of them, but only need one.  The cable is new, and unused, and (obviously) the headphones in the pictures are not for sale.  These will cost you around $17 shipped from V-Moda, but I'm offering it...
Grados are SOLD!  Thanks to all interested parties!
Sennheiser HD598 cable is SOLD!  Grados are still available!
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