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Just finished a new cable for my Mad Dogs, and figured I'd share:   The wire is Mogami 2893 sheathed in #1 paracord and all done up in a 4-wire round braid.  The plugs are 6.3mm Switchcraft on one end and 3.5mm Neutrik right-angle on the other. I had to file down the end of the Neutrik plug before it would fit the Mad Dogs, but it came out looking pretty nice.  The way my desk at work is set up, it necessitates fairly long cables, so this one is 12 feet long....
I just finished DIY'ing a new cable for my Mad Dogs.  What with the dearth of aftermarket cables (and a lack of suitable 90 degree connectors) I figured some of you might be interested in making your own.     The wire is Mogami 2893 stripped out to its individual strands and sheathed in #1 paracord.  I used a Switchcraft 6.3mm on one end and a Neurtik 90 degree 3.5mm on the other.  I had to file the Neutrik plug down a bit before it would fit, but after some work it...
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SOLD! Wow, that was fast! Thanks to all interested parties!
[SOLD]Up for sale today is my HiFiMan HE-500s.  Absolutely adore these, but I've fallen in love with some LCD-2s so I need to make room. I purchased these from another Head-Fi'er, and they have been babied ever since.     They are in good condition, but do have a small scratch in the paint on the left cup (shown in the photo).  Pads are in excellent shape with no wear, and all the printing on the headphones is perfect.  Really, the pictures speak for...
Found some! Thanks, everybody!
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Ok, guys, it's time.  The stars have aligned, and I have a pocketful of money to throw at some He-500s.   Here's what I'm looking for:   -Latest revision -Excellent condition (and unmodified) -Both sets of pads -All boxes/paperwork/cables/etc.   Stuff I don't really care about (or want to pay for) -Fancy cables -Non OEM pads   If you have a pair you can part with, shoot me a PM and we can talk it over.  If you have a price in mind, please make...
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