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I'm getting rid of my Fiio E17 and moving up in the world, so that means I'm looking for an iBasso D12 in excellent condition.  I'd like for it to include the box and accessories as well.  Please PM me with any offers (and if you'd be kind enough to include PP fees and shipping in your price, I'd appreciate it.)  Shipping would be to Idaho zip 83440, if that helps.   Thanks guys!
I can chime in here with my own results of playing around with different combinations.   Fiio E17: The chain is as follows:  iPhone 5 (iOS 7.0.3)> CCK> Unpowered USB hub> Fiio E17.  There are some oddities, though.  Apparently I can still control the volume on the iPhone, which I did not expect.  I expected it would behave like a true fixed-level line-out, but it doesn't.  Also, if I turn up the volume past about 80% on the iPhone, I get a message telling me that the...
Excellent!  This is exactly the information I was looking for.  Thank you for being so specific.  I now wonder if the E07K behaves the same way? If a USB hub isn't needed between the two, it might be just the ticket.  Can anyone speak to experience with the E07K and an iPhone 5?
So far I've heard some conflicting things on this thread and hopefully someone can clear it up for me.   Regarding iOS 7 and the Fiio E07K / E17:   Has anyone seen success with the following setup:  iPhone 5 (iOS 7) > lightning CCK > Fiio E17 (or E07K)?   Specifically I'm wondering if it displays the low power warning, and if it can be circumvented by turning off USB charging on the Fiio unit.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
SOLD!  Thanks for all the inquiries!   I have for sale a set of Fostex T50RPs that look and sound like new.  I bought these new in May to send off to Dan at MrSpeakers for modifications, but I wound up just buying a pair of Mad Dogs instead.  They have maybe 10 hours of listening time on them, and they will ship with the original packaging, cable, and (if you want it) the receipt, should any warranty issues arise.     Right now these are going for about $120 on Amazon,...
Yeah, I know what you mean.  I took a shot of mine in direct sunlight, and I think it gives a better idea of the actual color:  
Thanks! The 1/4 plug is a Switchcraft. I picked up a bunch of them on sale not too long ago, and have been trying to use them up.
Well, I think this is my last cable for awhile.  i took some inspiration from Fraggler's infamous Burgundy Sennheiser cable, and made one of my own for my HD650s.  The construction consists of the usual suspects: Mogami 2893 sleeved with #1 paracord.  The cable is 12 feet long, and was a bear to braid evenly!    
Just finished my latest cable!  One of the things that has always bugged me about HifiMan headphones was how low the connectors tended to hang.  On the stock cables the strain relief on the connector end would kinda poke into my collarbone, and when I put them on an Omega-style headphone stand, they hung so low that they would wind up bending in the middle.  So I decided to take an Audeze-style approach to the problem, and angle the connectors to avoid all these...
Nah, I didn't paint it after I was finished.  And it doesn't look too bad, either:     As far as having a barrel full of patience, well, this cable is only a third of the story.  I made 3 cables this weekend, and all of them are 12 feet long braided and sheathed in paracord.  Basically, I watched the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended edition... of course) while working on these.  My wife was duly impressed with my braiding skills, however.  
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