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Sold!  Thanks for the interest, everyone!
Up for sale I've got an iBasso D12 in perfect condition.  It has been used very lightly and was originally purchased in June of this year.  This thing sounds amazing with my Mad Dogs, but I'm downsizing my portable rig to fund my He-500 purchase.  It comes with all the extras in the pics (OPAMP kit, power adapter, USB cable, toslink cable, and warranty card) and will ship in the original packaging.  Paypal and shipping fees are on me, and please feel free to PM me with any...
PM Sent.
I just picked up an iBasso D12 last week, and it pairs very nicely with my Mad Dogs.  It's quite an improvement over the Fiio E17 (which I bought, and then promptly got rid of).  The amp portion has plenty of power and my portable rig sounds much better.  
I've had this message pop up a few times with Apple cables, but I find that more often than not it's what's plugged into the other end of the cable that can cause issues.  For example, I have a 30-pin to lightning adapter that I use in the car.  Plugged into the 30-pin end of that adapter is a Kensington LiquidAux cable and charger. Sometimes I'll get the message "This cable accessory is not certified and may not work with this iPhone" but it's very rare.  Like two times...
Just finished up my "On the airplane" setup.  Now that iOS 7 lets you output to an external DAC via USB (albeit through the CCK and a USB hub) I took the idea and ran with it.  My source is my iPhone 5 to an iBasso D12 and out to my Mad Dogs.  I managed to stuff the CCK, a tiny USB hub, and three feet of mini-USB cable inside a tiny aluminum box to keep everything neat and tidy.  Very pleased with the aesthetics and the sound!  The D12 is a great match for the Mad...
Well, guys, I got my iBasso D12 today, and it works great!  Granted, you have to run it through the CCK and a hub to avoid the "too much power" buzzkill, but I think I've found a way around all that cumbersome stuff.  I managed to find a tiny aluminum project box on Amazon, and I crammed a CCK, tiny unpowered Belkin hub, and 3 feet of mini-USB cable in there.  I drilled some holes (and stuck some grommets in) and voilá!  Now it's all contained in a tiny package without any...
They might know better on the iPad+DAC thread here.  Your problem strikes me as odd, though, as the iOS 7 upgrade brought compatibility with most external dacs via the CCK.  Maybe your issue lies in the fact that you're using a generic one?  Perhaps the Apple CCK would restore functionality (but I'm just guessing, here.)
Found one!  Thanks for all the offers, folks!
I've got an iBasso D12 incoming sometime this week.  I'll test it out with my rig (iPhone 5 w/ iOS 7.0.3) and let everyone know how it goes.  I'd imagine the results will hold true with any iBasso product.
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