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There is no offense, we discuss on a public place and it is a pleasure. I'm only an audiophile listener (reproduced or real concert music) and it is better to read what professionals think about music transcription since they make audiophile devices/softwares and make a living with them. Being wrong (bringing nothing to the audiophile community) would tell that they would go bankrupcy and so I suppose that it matters. Read what CAD has to say about formats:...
Answering to jdpark, I would say that WAV is always uncompressed so the first rip can't be a WAV format. Compression brings distortion of course if it isn't lossless.
What SteveM324 is pointing out is that hardware setup is significant in making a file format hearing difference, even subtle. You can't throw any file format to an I3 based system or a new Quad core i7: decoding FLAC will need a lot more work for the i3 than i7 system. If your HDD has an IDE interface how can it compete with an SSD SATA III disk transfering those bit files into memory ?? If possible for example, don't read your music files from the internal HDD; transfer...
On the RWAK 120-B since the volume knob is replaced by a balanced output jack, the volume is controled by the amp.
Got SXC24 mini-balanced for my SM64 from AloAudio (silver plated copper). Very good since the SM64 is a bit dark and the silver wiring ligth it up. I bought also the Silver Dragon IEM cable from MoonAudio since you can change the termination (balanced or SE) if you have different amps (Alo Mk3-B or Continental...). In both cases Silver is a plus for these IEMs.
Also from me. Problems with my RWAK120-B sounding distorted. Vinnie asked the device back, heared the problem and changed both Wolfson chips. Unit now at the top. People at RWA are very concerned.
Vinnie didn't asked for delivery but French customs invented an import Tax, the device being declared as returning from repair, I paid 34€.Now I would advise the RWAK120-B on top of the genuine AK120.And RWA service is exceptional.
Just received back my RWAK 120-B. Vinnie had to change both Wolfson chips, perhaps bad units. Really I find this combo RWAK120-B + ALO Mk3-B balanced a real winner. As IEMs i use AK 3003i and Earsonic SM-64 (balanced). But I plugged also my HD800. Very accurate when trebles are concerned (as an example the exceptional Mass for 40 and 60 voices from Alessandro Striggio, le Concert Spirituel  24bit/88.2Khz). Here the AKG 3003i are required... Deep bass also (Soldier of...
With my AK100 using only Verbatim microSD HC 32GB cards. There is no problem but haven't tried with 64GB ones.
Cable from Vinnie and one also from MoonAudio (SilverDragon TRRS/RSA ALO balanced).
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