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Kiats, is the AK240 a good pairing for the C435 and is the 2.5mm TRRS balanced output better ??
Yes you are right but you need to know that here I can't demo anything but the MH334. Like Marshal Banana writes it is a lot of money.I thank you a lot all here for your very helpful comments and I go to order the 435 based on your advices, since, again, I can't demo them myself.I have understood also that I need the 001 cable and that I can find good Fitear cables near Toxic.Thank you again all of you and I will post my feelings once equipped 
Ah! Very important comment!! C435 OR MH335DW ?? Seems 335 too bassy, better C435 for Classical ? Is it your advice also ?
Comments in opposition to Kiats'.Could you tell how the MH334 differ from the TG334 ?? I own the formers and is it Worth for me to order the MH334 considering my Classical tastes ?
True, Mr Suyama has no need to detail Fitear's numbers. Perhaps the MH334 more bassy fits better US or Soul/Rock/Metal lovers which are willing more buying DAPs...??? In my case, Classical Music, I understand that the C435 suits better but we are perhaps a small percentage, thus letting thinking Mr Suyama that the C435 is an aging product. I prefer a larger soundstage than extended basses, going more to the C435.
How does the MH334 compare with the 435 and 1Plus2 ?? Reading different comments the 334 aren't darker ? Mr Suyama advises to get the MH334 but you are more C435 focused for Classical. Answer of Mr Suyama to the French representative:"MH335DW Studio Reference is not a product. It's a update service for the client who own nomal MH335DW. Currently this servece is available for Japanese market only. And it's not applicable to the order of nomal MH335DW. We swap nomal vinyl...
I'm not trying to trigger an earthquake but would you find among all the impressive IEMs or CIEMs list included in your signature one comparable to the Abyss ?? Perhaps one driven by the AK240 in BA mode ?Or those two worlds lie into two different Galaxies ??
Well, speaking of the universal 334, you want to say TG334 ??
Was told by the French representative when I ordered the C435 last week. Fitear can make them but would like/prefer/suggest to choose between 335 and 334....
In France 1750€ for the MH335DW. The point is that Fitear wants to stop the C435 (old product they say) and suggests to opt for the MH334 (1600€) or MH335. For Classical the 334 are too dark; that's why I was looking at the 335 SR.
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