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Good questions as since then Abyss headphones landed on earth. How does the Viva manage them comparing to Cavalli Liquid Gold or Luxman P700 u ?? And being an SE design, isn't it a weakness ??
The NAGRA HD also.
About WM8741 I think Vinnie knows it well and is accustomed to it.You are right about Hugo: high quality DAC, very resolvant but bright discrete amp (noticeable with HD800). On the other side CDM is a tube amp.
There is a solution: VST/AU plugins to correct the sound. Even advised by DAC manufacturers. Bitperfection is less important than soundstage for me listening a lot Symphonies.
Agree with those various comments. I find more enjoyable to hear through headphones using a software managing VST/AU plugins to make the sound more 'speakers' like (soundstage reason) than running after absolute bitperfect-ion.
Right. I spend 85% on Qobuz... But they announced high res streaming for soon (better than CD quality).
Yes and you are right. So I purchased a speaker rig (amp + speakers: Audiomat Arpège R10 + JMR Euterpes Supremes) in the 6000€ average (Abyss price) to get this reference soundstage (I listen only to Symphonies or Violin concertos).I was trying now to verify the Abyss advertisement = a $100000 speakers system. Soundstage should be much much better than my speakers setup.
Point I wonder: the Egoista is SE so does it make sense connecting a dual DAC ??On the other hand don't the Abyss perform better balanced ?
An idea...Hearing at headphones just doesn't make me happy at good timbres but I notice a high lack of soundstage (width and height) very often. Of course the source is important (why I mentioned the TotalDAC) but an SS amp wouldn't be more at ease for this task ?? Even forgiving BitPerfect and using AU/VST plugins to correct the sound.
Thank you for the link.Just wondering if it really exists a better SS Amp than Tubes which would suit Abyss cans ?
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