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Hi all, I agree with this comment (hardwire + endorphin cable, yes).
Hello,   Some stuff around the LCD-4. High level comfort. True that mediums are great.         I agree that the LCD-4 takes profit from a symetrical cabling, here in Litz wire.  
Hi dear forumers, Audiomat DAC + Viva 2A3 + ODIN Litz cable : Very great combo To follow my listening impressions on some surprising music files not often commented.
Hi forumers,   The ODIN with some cousins:    
I think that's the biggest point versus the ABYSS. I would say that if you are a singer in a renowned choir, you would buy the LCD4 because of its wonderful mediums.Due to its spectacular opening the ABYSS has not such a great presentation of mediums.
Hi,   My values are taken out from the booklet which camed with the GSX-mk2 I received Saturday. Really I haven't myself done any measure and I don't have the equipment.   The red color is 200USD.
Official values from HeadAmp: 23Vpp/100 ohms, 21Vpp/25 ohms, 16Vpp/10 ohms. All doubled using balanced outputs.
Hello,   After 4 months wait received this amp to compare with another high level SS amp :  
I agree yes both very good on mediums. I didn't speak about the LCD4 since you asked about ODIN versus ABYSS. Then LCD4 versus ODIN, consider that price difference is twice. Nice to have pertinent choices at different prices. At the same LCD4 price level we were informed in Paris that Focal is showing in Munich headphones issued from their UTOPIA speakers technology.
Hi,   The amp has greater impact than the DAC (at some level of DAC). First choose the can and then the Amp.   ODIN and ABYSS have different sound presentation.   ODIN is quite coherent on the spectre with good bass impact and solid mediums clearly audible driven by an amp like the 2A3. It remains a can with a sound a bit centered (with some very well mastered tracks on the ABYSS and TotalDAC I can hear more openness). Correctly priced, competitive.   ABYSS has no...
New Posts  All Forums: