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Hi,   Good feeling to choose a new DAC not forgetting the source :   The DAC Audiomat Tempo 2.8 here is feeded with a Daphile/NUC playing what Russians are great to: impressive choir scores. Full bass with the setup.
Hi, I think that bass impact with the HD800 is relative to the DAC/Amp combo. Yes, the mod (cable included) does a good job lowering the highs.   I have not listened to the HD800S but you have also new generation headphones like the DHarma D1000 which performs very well in the same price range.
Hi @biosailor, I agree that your setup must be a hit on musicality. Enjoy
Like @Music Alchemist, surprised by the comment on instrument separation. Something to do with music genre or the highs on the HD800 a bit crystal clear ?Still not listened to the UTOPIA.
Congrats @biosailor My opinion with the kind of source like La Voce is that it isn't obvious that going balanced from this dac to the amp will bring a noticeable sound quality difference. Those so highly musical sources are yet very good SE. Connecting your HD800 balanced is more interesting since the GSX-mk2 double the V in this case.
Well to @Arnaud's credit he is a big loyal fan of STAX. The TotalDAC Six as a source seems to have boosted the BHSE/009 setup. The reason why he advises to look at the source.The maintenance problems are another view which definitely as a reseller you are right to point out. I find really interesting your comments comparing the 009 and the Utopia since I thought it would be the Planar technology to relagate the estat to old fashion (older speaker what you write).Would you...
Good news @joseph69
True that different presentations then it is question of tastes. But realistically speaking the neutral sound rendering that the LCD4 provides is a great point when I listen to a Classical opus faithfully reproducing the recording.I am going to get a loaned UTOPIA to connect to my GSX-mk2.Will compare.
Hi, Living in France and I have experienced the strange behavior of the US Postal tracking for my GSX-mk2. Shipment advice sent then nothing for one week and a half like no real consignment and suddenly the parcel in my mailbox zero tax to pay !! Don't even know if it went through the customs...
Pictures yes and then physical contact (eyes, feeling) is another side.
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