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Well, speaking of the universal 334, you want to say TG334 ??
Was told by the French representative when I ordered the C435 last week. Fitear can make them but would like/prefer/suggest to choose between 335 and 334....
In France 1750€ for the MH335DW. The point is that Fitear wants to stop the C435 (old product they say) and suggests to opt for the MH334 (1600€) or MH335. For Classical the 334 are too dark; that's why I was looking at the 335 SR.
It appears that Kiats put the C435 ahead of the 335 (even SR) regarding Classical music (high quality trebles). Well if I understand well ... And your comment suggests you are on the same opinion. Isn't it ?Joe-Siow wrote here that the 335 SR mod is a neither here nor there product. Any comment ??
It looks like the SR mod to the MH335DW has changed their sound sig giving them the widest freq response putting bass, mids and trebles at their right place thus changing your sig order. Kiats can comment on this.
I'm looking also for Fitear CIEMs and the French representative told me that Fitear is stopping the C435. Better knowing that Kiats advised me that 435 is very good for Classical like MH335DW (SR version) but it seems that it isn't your taste. Perhaps 333 for you ?? Never heard them. Did you try the TG334 ?
I am also looking at the SAA HD800 mod and I was wondering if you had been able to realize your test. Comparing also with the Abyss ?? Would be surprising that this mod could upgrade the Senn to Abyss level. $379 for a $4000 price difference....
Yes FullCircle, sq3rjick helped a lot here. I was speaking of ear impressions.I had read that you liked IEMs and having lost my left ear because of osteospongiosis the surgeon placed a titanium tube into it. I think you are aware of the process. And I was thinking that I should avoid a CIEM. What is your advice ?
Thanks for the reference. Would the K10U have same SQ than the Custom ? Read that the Wizard owns only Universals... Not bad idea to avoid impressions.
Hello Rudi0504, Those 335 SR appear to be killer IEMs for Classical music. Did you try a balanced amp with your AK240 ? If yes was there an SQ improvement ?? Why don't you drive the 335 from the AK240 balanced out ?
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