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Yes, good to ask. Nice to find a Balanced Out but better design if all balanced. I think price would increase but with HD tracks now very common (Europe with Qobuz) and DAP like AK240 (or RWAK120) there are customers for.
bmichels, don't forget that Pawel owns what it is near the best all around sources: TotalDac server + D1 Dual. It is why being the 4-45 or the super amp they will be on par driving the Abyss.
Your arguments are very convincing. It means there is definitely a huge market in amps designed for cans. You say that high end headphones are more resolving but what about soundstage and 'head centered sound ' ?? How can you compete with speakers on that ?
True. But perhaps such a speaker amp requires a design for sound HQ reproduction by high end speakers you don't find in actual cans amps ??
Point taken. This reasoning is convincing. I suspect that brands like McIntosh making the MHA100 had it: one product two markets. But perhaps a speaker amp could have a better soundstage due to the extra power needed? A techy here to confirm ?
Ok Pawel,I'm very interested to compare with the 445.And how do you compare in your system the Abyss and HD800 ?
Really no, I'm indeed not price focused. I myself own an HD800, LCD-X and EC Zana Deux which I'm happy with.But from what I heard I'm surprised to put the Abyss, SR009 and HD800 on the same league particularly on Classical but it is your taste.Let's ask Pawel his feelings.
I have only HQ classical files from Qobuz. On soundstage, instrument separation, sound spreading, bass depth, from what I heard, I would compare the HD800 and LCD-X but the Abyss with SR009 with appropriate amps and DACs. If you use let's say a Conductor you could tell that the Abyss could compare with the HD800 or LCD-X but use a TotalDAC Dual and those unrevealed sounds the TotalDAC will bring out will make you understand why you spent 6 times an HD800 for the Abyss.
Tried it with RP-030 (moded for Abyss) and RKV MKIII (OTL and impedancer outs) on a test with SR009 and LCD-X cans. I bought one LCD-X since the OTL out of the MKIII was appealing for me and I own an EC ZANA DEUX.
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