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Let's introduce that at this level of devices manufacturers now tend to offer very good sounding experiences and it's all of a question of sound presentation. My main concern is to listen to Symphonies and openness is the matter to get all the phalanx display. This is not ODIN's familiar ground but Abyss one helped by deep bass to follow the partition in the lowest chords. In this purpose Abyss deserves a powerful and transparent amp. Velocity, fast transitions. Intimacy...
Hello Eric,   I understand your point of vue and you are right that the music genre can influence the headphones choices. But your comment was ambiguous not specifying really things.   For Symphonies for ex ODIN is not appropriate since you miss the sound stage which disables the perception of the phalanx. For a singer or a small unit the ODIN does a very good job with accuracy.
Hello Kennerton fans, Thank you @Eric65 for this very interesting return and it is true that burn in for transducers is very important and requires a lot of care. It is untrue (rivaling the ABYSS) but since you are a BIG Odin fan you are entitled to express this false opinion
Good appreciation and bought them for the Classical tendency caused by their transparency which explains the fun factor.But listening to Classical the fun factor has no place.
Good news Ross. Will buy the SE dac.   Gandah, switches are not relative to impedances but to voltage. The HD800S performs better on M or H positions.   Official values from HeadAmp: 23Vpp/100 ohms, 21Vpp/25 ohms, 16Vpp/10 ohms. All doubled using balanced outputs.
Okay I understand the point of view. Notice that there are many balanced dacs which perform poorly compared to very well designed SE ones. In high level balanced dacs you need to double the components and prices increase accordingly. My question was to know if I could connect a very good SE dac instead of a medium level balanced dac at the same price.
Hello,   Could anyone tell me if the RCA inputs have same SQ as the XLR ?? since I would like to connect an SE DAC from Audiomat, the Tempo 2.8   (french audio craft manufacturer) which builds himself  like Justin his electronics, very analog sounding.
Being looking with Pierre at getting an mk2 ODIN myself.
Hi Joe,   Yes I bought the LCD4 and I own a set of other headphones (and amps) with, like you write, characterics which differ. Regarding the LCD4, it is not possible to connect ABYSS and LCD4 on the Egoista because of the connectors.   I'm aware of this possible mismatch connecting many headphones at the same time.   I will take a lot of care of what you fill find.   Thank you for your support.
Yes, very nice piece of Russian hand craft. Now, waiting for the How It Sounds report driven by the tubes Lamborghini.
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