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Point also for me since I'm investigating DSP/Crossfeed devices to enhance soundstage for my headphones setup. Hearing a lot of symphonic music involving large phalanxes.Where did you research end up ?
Ok, I see. What do you mean by 6 levels ? Does it refer to different amount of signal mixing between left and right channels ?
Just received my C435 (4,5 months delay).Agree with your comment.
+1What crossfeed setup do You use ?
I agree that I'm surprised to see that headphones DACs or Amps manufacturers don't offer more devices with Crossfeed/Surround functions. Hearing through headphones is unatural and I think that people accustomed at this listening enjoy music and rythm into music more than presentation, how it is played. I think hearing through headphones suits more to singers, small groups, one instrument. When you go to classical with large phalanxes you get pulp, losing sides and even...
Preproman, my HD800 is hard wired with an 1/4" termination and my LCD-X is dual 3 pins terminated.
Icebar, Would you explain how are the connectors to hook your HD800 to the speakers plots of the M2? I own an Audiomat Arpege ref 10 all tube and should be a good idea too.
I have ordered and received the HD 800 SAA mod with Endorphin hard wired cable. Delays are not short: 2-3 months. I was curious on how a mod can change/optimize cans (true that it is a pricy test) but for my ears the result is convincing. I would say that for a Buddy who should have an HD800 and want to buy an LCD-X, he should consider to SAA mod his HD800. Good bass, no more sibiliance, nice airing. (Amped by EC ZANA DEUX SE, WOOAudio WA6 SE).
I agree and Abyss price isn't alone in France so disconnected from original price. Proteus from CL, Accuphase stuff ... Perhaps French importers buy at street price? Or consider they bring high level added value? Getting CE label could be so expensive? Giving some leads...
Seing the orders quantity for this CIEM and delays (6 months) you are absolutly right. What is curious is that Suyama-san advices to choose the MH334 or MH335DW instead because of the C435 is an 'old' product and he thought at stopping it. For Classical it appears from HeadFiers that there is no substitute.
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