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Yes #Yoga but we differ on the way we listen to music. So on the characteristics we will look for the amp. Voices versus large phalanxes, low volumes versus huge transitions, softness versus vigour.   #romaz chose the Studio against the Egoista, he should go for the WA234. Let's see.   Waiting for your impressions at Canjam of Egoista + Numerico (Abyss or HE1000 ?)
Yes, huge mod for the cans and the wallet.   Agree for the sibilance. DAC choice and/or amp? But the mod lowers the ascendancy.      
The comparison is not easy since I don't know if in Europe the 234 has been sold. Is it CE compliant ?   On the paper those two headphones amplifiers are very different. The Egoista has been designed only for headphones with specific output transformers delivering 15W per channel into any impedance without needing switches. Using 845 tubes provides straightness and dynamic that 300B or 2A3 tubes can't, perhaps 211 ones.   Viva manufactures also a 2A3 amp which could...
Actually listened on the EC Zana Deux and Heada what is noticeable is the improvement on the trebles. Always airy keeping the large soundstage impression but no sibilance.   A huge mod with really audible results but crippling delays.
Hello the Forum,   All in all I received my HD800 SAA Moded repaired. End of the story.
I own the 2Qute and different DACs and I can say that actually jitter is not more a problem. Technology has reached the point where manufacturers know how to make a DAC jitter free (at least not audible). Better to look at first the audio files quality (in what an MP3 world we live!), then the cables, the source, the network.   THE DAC under $2000 ? Not at all. There are very skilled engineers in this world, fortunate us. One example: QAT RS3.
Hello there, Peter Paya of Casques&Headphones informed that Viva is setting up a Numerico without CD reader. I should prefer it.
EL84 tubes. Good musical choice indeed. 1W on 32ohms: fine for LCD-X or Odin, not for Abyss or HEK. Price?
Not always. Yes, I agree and I just said that I ordered one also because of my own listening and different reviews (#dub, #Superfred21). But let's face it. When powered correctly, actually, in the whole of performances (and image is not the less), Abyss remains the Reference."Intrinsic value" says Kubinski. The Odin still is a very versatile headphone, competing with LC-X, HE-6, HD800, PS1000e and you're right on your report.
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