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I agree and Abyss price isn't alone in France so disconnected from original price. Proteus from CL, Accuphase stuff ... Perhaps French importers buy at street price? Or consider they bring high level added value? Getting CE label could be so expensive? Giving some leads...
Seing the orders quantity for this CIEM and delays (6 months) you are absolutly right. What is curious is that Suyama-san advices to choose the MH334 or MH335DW instead because of the C435 is an 'old' product and he thought at stopping it. For Classical it appears from HeadFiers that there is no substitute.
OOf course! ordered based on your advices among others here. Will find then the right cable for balanced AK240.
So far the Nagra HD isn't a delta sigma converter but an upsampler designed by DSD conceptor himself (20k€). Tube DACs why not the AYON series? But price talking the best choice is the R2R TotalDac D1 Dual which can drive your cans balanced without need of an amp. Notice that the 4-45 is SE input, with the very high quality dacs you are speaking of (double separated channels circuitry) you will lose soundstage.
Oh don't worry. Ordered mine (C435) yesterday. Future always becomes present.
Like Blackwolf1006 shrewdly writes it not all passages take advantage of DSD. At the first place the piece must be registered with SACD format and not an upsampling of lower formats; then kind of music: Classical first because of complex play of very multiple harmonic sounds from many instruments placed side by side in the same place. Jazz precisely because of the exploitation of numerous harmonics in this case of few instruments. My point of vue.
Who could tell what amp makes a good pairing with the AK240 to drive for ex my LCD-X ?? SE or BA output ?? Or perhaps LCD-X need NO amp and are well driven by the AK240 ??
So I think you could tell me what amp drives your HD800 as it would help me a lot to make mines sound better.
Well, would the BD better than 001?
I'm also used to get Moon Audio cables and adaptators. Got also from ALO ones. But going to think at your idea to keep only one cable.
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