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I think you are right @FiftyKilo.   I have myself done a personal mod thanks to C&H, the French importer: the volume pot.  
Hello, A new Egoista 845 is ready called I think mk2...Description of the updates from Amedeo: 
​Hello, AC cable : ESPRIT ETERNA and interconnect cable: ATOHM RCA
Are you sure about the midrange harshness ? I would say from my point of vue that the mediums are a bit recessed which puts the trebles forward explaining the great openness of those headphones and the upper trebles making me uptight.   Do you think @Xecuter that the KR 2A3 HP could make the mediums more consistant ?? Thus making the Abyss more fleshly ?   Dampening the metal baffle, foam and felt  ? Some drawings as examples ?
Reading Joe's comments I see that he promotes the WOO W5 which is built around 300B. Would those tubes suit more Abyss' character than the 2A3 ?? 300B are known to 'round' trebles, isn't it?
Thank you @Xecuter for those details.   I have ordered a VIVA Egoista 2A3 but would you say that changing/improving the power tubes has really a sonic benefit to the amp better than rolling the pre-amp tubes for ex ??
Hello,   Can you remember me what is 'Joe's effort with KR' ?
Hello, My main concern about the Headtrip and Abyss combo would concern the trebles behaviour. I find the Abyss makes me uptight when hearing at miked violin tracks (Classic recordings like René Capuçon plays them) and I was wondering if the Headtrip would cool Abyss's ardour on that point. What Mr Skubinsky told about that :
Hello @odanovich,   Yes Abyss are great headphones and you will be surprised that they don't need really a lot of power to drive them. The important point is that you must provide them fast transients along with heavy bass. They do like a dynamic setup.
​Same feeling regarding the trebles with the Abyss.Let's take an example:Renaud Capuçon plays Rihm, Dusapin & Mantovani​ : Aufgang from Dusapin I keep the Abyss for its openness and impressive bass response (a must for Symphonies).The LCD4 has very very good mediums, the best actually for an headphone ? But falling short against the...
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