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So, are you saying that the DAVE/ABYSS/DHC is a better setup than your tube ring (WooAudio 234) ??I had understood that you preferred always a little bit of tube (2A3, ...) somewhere in the sound path... Claude.
Hello,   I read that HP amps don't suit headphones because of the speakers output transformers which are not efficient for headphones (question of energy loss).   Utopia listeners seem to prefer it to the SR009. Quite the same sig sounding (even better in the trebles for the Utopia) and much easier to drive (and less expensive).   A lot of comments here on HeadFi.     Egoista, Studio, Dave, Stellaris, KR, ... Yes, one audiophile, one best amp     Claude.
Hello @biosailor,Man of good tastes;) Owning the N100H. Great music server with many sound improvements and a top integrated app Qobuz streaming). Beats an optimized Mac mini which isn't also cheap.The TotalDAC is a true resistive DA converter, not soYou have a 15 days trial possible.
Hello,Going the R2R route with the so transparent GSX is obviously a good choice since you will listen to this 'analog' sounding belonging to these DACs.Look at TotalDAC offer which introduced the new D1-Core (FPGA converter) nicely priced. Worth a try.
​You are welcome and I agree with your comment.The VIVA 2A3 has gently rounded trebles and is more forgiving than for ex an 45 which leads to make it 'musical' like you write. My point was that the 845 gives what it is expected from that triode: transparency and huge dynamic. You listen a lot to the DAC and being a DAVE it gives it a lot of space.Then the 2A3 has not enough power to drive the Abyss. But two great pieces of work.
Hello,   Decware productions are nice devices.   I was wondering if it is possible to build an Output Transformer able to drive any headphone from 30 ohms to 600 ohms. I have understood that the impedance matching was necessary to fully load the output tubes. Wouldn't it be possible to use some electronics to make the job (loading the output tubes) allowing an 'Universal Output Transformer' ??
@Nik, living in Italy surprising that you didn't listen to the VIVA Egoista, an unequaled masterful amp based on the 845 triode, handmade by this VIVA great Italian (Vicenza) company managed by the Schembri brothers.Never been aware of them ?
Hello and thank you @smial1966 for the amp inners.   About the headphones load, is there an impedance switch or different taps ?   I don't understand how an OPT can drive a varying impedance load like the Utopia for ex from 300ohms at 50Hz to 80 ohms then after. Or do 'Universal' output transformers exist  for orthos and/or electros ??   Claude.
Hello and thank you @smial1966 for the amp inners.
Hello,   I haven't understood what topology makes the DSHA-4 so particular among SS amps. There are output transformers like with tubes ?
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