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I think in the context of the reply, he is saying that the upgrade from the 558 to the 650 is a nice one.
Just had a few minutes to spare to A/B them. If you want a budget DAC to use until you upgrade then get the UD, no question. The difference in SQ is very, very slight - unlike the difference in price. The ODAC has three advantages for me: 1) It runs much cooler so I'd expect it to last longer - though the UD doesn't get as hot as I thought it would. And, for my Epiphany ODAC at least, the ODAC feels more substantial, which also suggests more durability. 2) I mostly use my...
In my opinion, the ODAC is very slightly better - but *very* slightly. And, TBH, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm fooling myself. I haven't had many hours on the UD yet, so definitely take with a pinch of salt. ATM I'm mostly on my portable system (X3 straight to IEMs) rather than my "transportable" system (ODAC or UD into O2 into HD600) so haven't managed to do a proper comparison.
I have a hifimediy DAC, a UD120 and an ODAC. All are (IMHO) worth the money, but the best "bang for the buck" is the UD120 - by quite a large margin. But get some more opinions first - IANAE!
I've been pretty quiet on this thread so I thought it was about time I posted some words of encouragement.   I'm really excited about this. I don't know if I'll be able to afford one, but if it looks anything like their current models and sounds as good as expected, I'll be trying my hardest to get the funds together.   And many thanks to @hypnos1 for getting it organised.
Are you using a mac? If by fla. you mean ._ then these are files used by the mac to store extra info about the file and just serve to confuse the X5 (I'm basing this on your earlier post where you said that you saw something similar to what a Mac user was seeing). Use "Eject for Windows" or "CleanMyDrive" to get rid of them. Failing that, you might have a fake card - but I admit that I'm not really understanding your problem. Maybe some pictures would help?
These are amongst the most exasperating items I've ever owned. I've just updated my X3's firmware and, using the above mentioned Sony tips, they sound amazing! I don't think it is anything to do with the firmware upgrade other than after the upgrade the default volume got reset to a much higher level. I normally don't listen at high levels so maybe that is the difference. Or maybe they just sound different every time you try them...   Still too much bass for me, but I...
Fixed it. I originally downloaded very soon after Joe's announcement and I got the corrupted file then. Maybe I downloaded too soon. The file must be cached somewhere between me and Mediafire because every machine I tried to download the file with got the same corrupt version (Windows, Linux and Mac)....until I tried downloading from a different IP address. Now I have updated and am just waiting for the library scan to complete.
I've downloaded several times and when I unzip the file I get:     inflating: x3.fw                    bad CRC 4c9ac725  (should be dfb34fbf)   inflating: X3 firmware update instructions (abridged).txt     inflating: X3 FW3.21Beta changelog.txt   And the X3 refuses to load the firmware, confirming that it is corrupted.   Anyone else getting this problem?
I went through everything I had last night. Mostly they are just the ones that came for free with the DGS100, and the Havi B3 from Penon Audio. I've also tried some Complys I had, plus some tips which came with my Sony XBA-30s.  I'll be picking the tips which give me the best sound for commuting and using them on the train for now. I can accept some compromises in that environment, and the "enhanced" mid bass and treble, along with the fact that these are relatively easy...
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