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This is all that I can find: http://amyduncan.co.uk/hearing-undercurrents-for-the-first-time-in-mqa/
I used to work in a Faraday cage.   To be truly effective, it has to entirely enclose the item, and the holes have to be smaller than the wavelength of the frequencies you want to block. But I think that acoustic frequencies in EM radiation have a wavelength of several kilometres so that is why you can get away with leaving the bottom open. It also means that you don't have to be too fussy about the mesh size. But is is 4am here so don't trust anything I'm saying which...
You may need to format the card to FAT32 to make it work.
I think a lot of people that buy one pair, end up buying a second (Me!). So that's 12 1/2 Elises  
I think the violinist got away with it...he managed to drop it on beat. As for the conductor... 
Ha! That reminds me of my favourite recording of "The Nutcracker" there's a part where one of the violinists drops his bow. I've listened to my favourite so much now that I miss the "bow drop" when I listen to any other.
Yes - and I'm back to 4xEL3Ns again. It turns out that there was some distortion in the 6BL7s which became really obvious at higher volumes. But once I'd heard it, I couldn't unhear it, so it affected my normal listening as well.
I've just received a couple of used (as opposed to NOS) GE 6BL7GTA from Viva Tubes and I can second the recommendation. My ears are still misbehaving a little, but the bass punch from a 6BL7GTA/EL3N combo is amazing...but I've only just got the 6BL7GTAs and have only heard a couple of songs so far (Jacques Loussier Trio - not a bad choice for evaluating bass!). It may end up too much for me and I'll be back to 4xEL3N - though I have two more EL3Ns arriving tomorrow (to...
KS is much better than IGG. I never back anything on IGG any more as none of the campaigns I backed on IGG has delivered anything. At least KS tries (a little bit) to make sure that the campaign is somewhat likely to deliver.
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