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If you use a spreadsheet, that would definitely be best for you. I think you can work out the formula you'll need from the script. One thing to watch out for is that I'm using natural logs, and I think most spreadsheets use log10. If you are using log10, just remove ln2log (or, equivalently, set it to 1). Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help (short of installing excel ).
I can knock together an awk script to convert C to unweighted if you like (assuming that I understand the conversion process - not guaranteed...)? It would work on Macs and Linux, and you could probably easily convert it to something more useful if you have neither. (No need to combine - but C to flat would be better tan A to flat, I would expect). In fact, this would be it (subject to your precise requirements - dba2nrwt does A to flat, dbc2nrwt does C to flat): BEGIN { ...
It's 0.1
I've worked at a few places where they get passes to motorsports events, but they always get passes for Formula 1 - never Moto GP. I'm just looking for a new job, now - maybe I should make Moto GP tickets a condition . 
I'm a big Moto GP fan. Never been to one, but follow it as much as I can. I've really been enjoying Rossi's "come-back" this year (not that he ever went away, in my eyes, at least). (P.S. Please don't mention the latest result. I've recorded it, but haven't yet watched it ).
Wow, this thread has been revisiting my youth overnight. I was at school with Marco Pirroni and knew (a little) some of the Ants before they were famous. Marco was briefly In Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the original Ants became Bow Wow Wow - I never met Annabel Lwin, though - I'm sure that will be the first question springing to the Labsters minds. Marco was the only one I actually knew enough to talk to.. He lent me his guitar and showed me a few riffs one lunch time -...
From the first post: "6, Input/Output interface:        Micro SD slot  X 2       Micro USB X 1, ( As docking connector too cause we used 11 pins Micro USB )     3.5mm Line Out/ Coaxial output     Headphone out X 1, the output jack will change from 3.5mm output jack, 4 pin balanced output ( same as ALO/RSA ), depended on the headphone amp module ."
You can find a link to the survey in the last update. To save you looking this is it here:
Totally agree 100% with every point you make.
I have a four way version of one of these:   They don't seem to have the four-way version any more, but it looks like this:   It works quite well once you've added the appropriate adaptors. The three-way one has a bit more space between the phono sockets, which is good, because space is a bit tight on the four-way one.
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