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I ordered mine 11/11. It arrived in the UK last Friday, and I got it yesterday.
@Shanling can you give me some idea why my M1 won't update it's firmware. I've tried SD cards of various sizes, ExFAT, FAT32, I've re-downloaded the firmware multiple times (even though the zip file should checksum it's contents so a successful extraction implies a successful download), tried old firmware, new firmware, empty cards, full cards, I've prepared the cards on Linux and on OSX and I'm an experienced embedded systems developer so know how to avoid most pitfalls...
I got it from AliExpress. Apparently the store name is Wooeasy Earphones Store. There was no problem with the service, but I'm getting a bit annoyed by my inability to update the firmware.
I've tried that, tried FAT32/ExFAT, tried downloading and copying from a Mac and from a Linux computer. As I mentioned before, I was an embedded software engineer so I've flashed a lot of different devices, so I've tried a lot of the obvious things - apart from the one which will fix it, of course...I'm starting to wonder if I have a card compatibility issue like @facineroso but which is manifesting in a different way. I'll try some other cards tonight and see if I can...
Thanks for the help. I've tried everything I can think of, including re-downloading but still no luck. I'll try a different computer next...
Yes. It's in the root directory of my 128GB ExFAT formatted card with my music on. I tried with a smaller FAT32 card with nothing else on, but the same thing happens. If I don't put update.upt in the right place I get a message telling me. Hmmmm - I'm confused. I used to be a programmer for embedded systems so I've re-flashed a few devices in my time and this is the first I've had any real trouble with.
Just got my M1. First impressions are that the GUI and sound quality both greatly exceed my expectations. I bought it as a transport for my Mojo but I can see myself happily using it on its own when wanting to travel light. It came with firmware 1.1 installed but I can't get 1.11 to install. After selecting update it just sits there on the start-up screen. Should I be seeing some kind of progress indication or is it supposed to sit there on the start-up screen? If it's...
I think @Mortenhoe is thinking about it back to front. People aren't buying the expensive Mojo to pair with the M1, they are buying the cheap M1 to pair with the Mojo. 
Some chargers are "smart" and don't deliver the full current if they think the device doesn't want it and they sometimes get it wrong. You might do better with a "dumb" charger.
I'm in the UK and I bought mine from MBMagicBox because I couldn't find yourcharger on the UK site, When I got the receipt it was from "yourcharger" so I'm guessing it's the same cable. But I've only just ordered it so I haven't received it yet so no idea if it's the correct item or not. The description was identical, though.
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