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If that's the connector I think it is, you can still use a USB 2.0 micro B cable with it. You just won't get USB 3.0 speeds. From wikipedia: "USB 3.0 also introduced a new Micro-B cable plug, which consists of a standard USB 1.x/2.0 Micro-B cable plug, with additional 5-pin plug "stacked" on side of it. That way, USB 3.0 Micro-A host connector preserved its backward compatibility with the USB 1.x/2.0 Micro-B cable plugs." I have several external drives I use this way. The...
I don't have the I+ but there's a link to the I+ user guide at the bottom of this page: I think that will have (some of) the information you need. 
Do you mean massdrop? The same massdrop that sponsors head-fi and is now allowed to be mentioned
It isn't an optical cable - it's coax. I bought one of these: and a standard coax cable. E.g. one of these: Seems to work well enough.
You can achieve the same effect with a "charge only" USB cable or with a charger that plugs into your car power socket.
Switch the "hold" off. It's the sliding button on the side, It catches a *lot* of people out.
Push the reset button (push a pin in the hole on the top) If you don't have anything to push the reset with, try holding the power on button for >20s.
 If the hum isn't caused by interference over the mains, then an external USB DAC might be a quick and dirty (well, clean signal-wise, hopefully) and cheap way to carry on using your PC as a source and tame the hum. The cheapest one that I use is this one: For a little more cash, I also like the ODAC (available from several manufacturers - mine is Epiphany) or UD120. The form factor of the UD120 doesn't work that well with...
Can you just remove all the tags from those files since you aren't using them (the tags)?
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