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Just got my iCAN. That's faster delivery than most things that I've paid for! I've not much more than plugged it in and listened to a couple of tracks but my first impression is.....WOW! My HD600s have never sounded so good.  Thank you so much for the competition. I've always been attracted to the ifi design but have never had a chance to hear any ifi devices before. Now I know that they sound so good, I can see a fully populated irack in my future.  
w00t! Thank you so much! I've never checked and re-checked that my username is really tjw321 so many times! PM will be on it's way shortly.  
Just saw this:   http://9to5mac.com/2015/07/23/trinity-delta-in-ear-headphones-review/
Just jesting. If the Deltas are half as good as the reviews, I'll buy Bob a beer any time! 
I think Bob must be using a "Drunken Walk" algorithm to order the parcels. Time to stop promising him all those beers...
Ha! How right you are - guess what just popped into my inbox. 
I was the first backer of the "Trinity Tier" but my surname starts with a W so I'm assuming these are going out in alphabetical order. May be a loooong wait...
I've done some more testing and this seems to only affect the iphone 4s. My ipad mini still works perfectly. It might be a 30-pin vs. lightning thing...
I'm using the public beta of IOS 9 and that won't work with any USB DACs that I had working previously. I've reported it as a bug, but I have a small but not insignificant suspicion that it will only work with a few select devices in IOS 9 - but I also suspect that the HA-2 will be one of them (unfortunately I don't have one to try). 
I got one set off Kickstarter. Totally agree with everything you say. I like them so much I managed to get a second set via the trade forum. I got scared that I'd lose/break them one day and have to pay full price! So now I've got two sets . I always thought I was a bit of a "treble-head" but now I know I'm a "detail-freak". These have all the detail but without having to push the treble to get it.
New Posts  All Forums: