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Mine were delivered to someone else when I was out of the country, but apparently signed for by me. Hopefully it was actually one of my neighbours, who are luckily all trustworthy, and not just some random stranger passing by at the time.
+1 Using my HaviB3Pro1Oldversion as my desktop 'phones right now. Sam Cooke sounding as good as he ever has.....which is pretty damn good!
 You're not trying to flash from an exFAT card are you? Flashing only works with FAT32 even with the later firmwares.
 D'oh. I'm an idiot. Put the card I used for flashing back in instead of my exFAT card. exFAT IS working on this frmware.
 I agree - unfortunately I've been testing the exFAT beta and all my SD cards are formatted as exFAT and this firmware doesn't support it. Do I flash back, or re-transfer all my files again....? (Rhetorical question).Sorry - this is misinformation, See next post.
 Curses. That did it. I just cracked. So I have the HaviB3Pro1Oldversion in my ears, the T1Es on their way, and now the DGS100 following close behind. I'm unsubscribing......NOT.
Any app works on the Mac. Just select the output device in System Preferences/Sound:   Usually I use Vox, but I don't like the current version much. Cog or Satsuma seem to be well liked but I haven't used them much.   I wouldn't say a *huge* difference, but it's definitely worth doing. Some Macs sound is better/worse than others, but I think it'll be worth using your X3 on any Mac.
 I think we should "ban" the use of the words Havi or B3 without including the Pro1 qualifier in this thread. Too much scope for confusion.
I think you have to login to your account. I see $79 once I log in.
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