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Yes - same day as you. I think I've found a job, but still no contract... Hopefully your search is going well, too.
 Let me know how you get on.
Currently I'm using Volumio, which is a version of Debian (IIRC) pre-configured to load mpd (Music Player Daemon) and to support I2S and USB DACs. It also has a web-based mpd client installed so that I can control it from any web-browser, or I can use any mpd client. I use mpod on my iphone, or Chrome on my Mac. Anyone interested in Volumio can find it here: https://volumio.org/ I'm going to try Rune (http://www.runeaudio.com/) and Moode (http://moodeaudio.org/) at some...
Well I used to work for a Chicagoan company, so I was hopping it quite a bit for a while. But I got laid-off (same day, actually) but, if all goes well, I'll be working for a French company next (just waiting for a contract which is "in the post", apparently). So looks like my pond-hopping days are over....for now....
I really am . The iFi is awesome. However, I'm really jealous that I don't live somewhere that I can join in the tours you organise...
I recently won an iCAN in an iFi sponsored head-fi competition and I just posted a photo in that thread which reminded me of @Hisoundfi 's post from a few days back so I thought I'd pop it in here as well: I don't have a proper lab ATM, so this is my closest substitute. The faithful Raspberry Pi is there, as usual. But the O2 has been replaced by the iCAN. I hadn't heard any iFi stuff before this but I am now a fully fledged iFi fanboi! 
Here is my current listening station featuring my prize(d) iCAN:     It's a Raspberry Pi reading files off my NAS and feeding an Epiphany Acoustics ODAC which in turn feeds the iCAN. Alongside are my HD600s. This is not exactly a high-end source for the iCAN and yet it still sounds fantastic. I listen to my music in three ways - a static system in my study (currently out of action), portably (Fiio X3, sometimes with a Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII) and a transportable system...
Just got my iCAN. That's faster delivery than most things that I've paid for! I've not much more than plugged it in and listened to a couple of tracks but my first impression is.....WOW! My HD600s have never sounded so good.  Thank you so much for the competition. I've always been attracted to the ifi design but have never had a chance to hear any ifi devices before. Now I know that they sound so good, I can see a fully populated irack in my future.  
w00t! Thank you so much! I've never checked and re-checked that my username is really tjw321 so many times! PM will be on it's way shortly.  
Just saw this:   http://9to5mac.com/2015/07/23/trinity-delta-in-ear-headphones-review/
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