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This is quite an illuminating look into what digital filters do to the signal:
I'm too even tempered to get excited about the Manhattan - or does that mean I want it all the more?
I'm planning on making the trip, but if I do, keep those Utopias away from my ears. I've only just got the T1s . I'd love to hear the Elise+ though.
Yes, exactly. The prior poster was suggesting that buying a Mojo was overkill to pair with a cheap DAP, and I was saying that, OTOH, there is nothing wrong with buying a cheap DAP to pair with the Mojo.
Worth checking what volume the chromecast is set to. You can do that from the Google Home app (IIRC)
There's one called camelcamelcamel. The url for the UK bit is
I ordered mine 11/11. It arrived in the UK last Friday, and I got it yesterday.
@Shanling can you give me some idea why my M1 won't update it's firmware. I've tried SD cards of various sizes, ExFAT, FAT32, I've re-downloaded the firmware multiple times (even though the zip file should checksum it's contents so a successful extraction implies a successful download), tried old firmware, new firmware, empty cards, full cards, I've prepared the cards on Linux and on OSX and I'm an experienced embedded systems developer so know how to avoid most pitfalls...
I got it from AliExpress. Apparently the store name is Wooeasy Earphones Store. There was no problem with the service, but I'm getting a bit annoyed by my inability to update the firmware.
I've tried that, tried FAT32/ExFAT, tried downloading and copying from a Mac and from a Linux computer. As I mentioned before, I was an embedded software engineer so I've flashed a lot of different devices, so I've tried a lot of the obvious things - apart from the one which will fix it, of course...I'm starting to wonder if I have a card compatibility issue like @facineroso but which is manifesting in a different way. I'll try some other cards tonight and see if I can...
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