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 Jejejeje yes, this would be little love from the X3 to the X5 Great move by the way, this should minimize the issues with the micro SDCards
Amazing piece of hardware!
Does that include the exFAT format support?
 Yes please
 Post more information, what is the size of the card? is it formatted on FAT32? exFAT?What type of file are you trying to play?Any reason why you haven't updated to firmware 3.0?
Already asked this in another thread but...   Will the X5 add support for ExFAT formatted microSD cards?   It works great on the X3 beta firmware :D
Works great. Tested with a Sandisk 128gb microSD
Woke up and see the 2.06beta on my cellphone, have breakfast, got my laptop to download it, 2.07beta is available. Loading it now
Very nice Keep it up!
Hey @Joe Bloggs and @JamesFiiO Any plans to add exFAT support for the X5?
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