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Very funny indeed!
Ummm I think I'm going to wait for the X9 anyway, not enough power for me, plus I need my Bluetooth apt-x
^ I mean an easy UI mode. Less buttons, easier to use, maybe even bigger buttons. Of course, IMHO, this wouldn't be high on Fiio priority list but it would be a good addition. A lot of mobile phones makers are implementing this UI mode.
Looks good, but a bit overloaded. Too many buttons and actions. I know the target of fiio, but I would recommend an "easy mode" with just the basics.
^ sorry, I thought you had X5.
Is the dx90 superior to the X5 when using the A83??
Everyone has a different usage pattern. I always choose my output device before start playing music, so a Bluetooth switch right there on the now playing screen wouldn't be my first choice.What about a two or three finger swipe to access an user selectable function?? That would be able to start the Bluetooth screen, or the WiFi, or many others.
Finally something we can really comment on the X7. Looks beautiful! Now, what's up with the Bluetooth icon on the now playing screen? Is it connected to a Bluetooth speaker at the time of the screenshot?
 I completely agree with you, Fiio has been doing great and listened to our feedback in every step of the way. That's why I said, is time, they have step by step improved the library option. Now please, I'm ready for the next step.
Since day one I have this on my library. It does work to an extent, I have two 128gb cards, both with the folders by letter, for example I can't (and don't want to) remember which albums are in which Sd card, this is 2015, a dap should handle a large amount of albums and provide tools for an easy browse.I'm not throwing my X5 under the bed, but this is affecting the way I listen to music. I know fiio sorted the library limitation of 5x00 files, now that is possible to have...
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