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^ Amen. Though I hope Fiio goes with 2gb of ram. If the UI is not smooth the player will be a failure.
PM sent, looking forward to this   Thanks!
As stated, a dream dap would have a great cpu instead of 4gb of ram that wouldn't be used.
4gb of ram? What for? If is a DAP, multitasking will be way less than a mobile phone.Not to mention Android's aggressive ram management.
Hey, happy to see a tour is on again! I would love to be part of it.   My details:   -Headphone(s) you possess: Fidue A83, VSonic GR07 Bass Edition, Klipsch Custom 3 -DAP(s) you possess: X5, X3, Sansa Clip+, HTC One m8 -FiiO product(s) you possess (if any): X5, X3 -Descriptions and links to review(s) you have posted (if...
Very funny indeed!
Ummm I think I'm going to wait for the X9 anyway, not enough power for me, plus I need my Bluetooth apt-x
^ I mean an easy UI mode. Less buttons, easier to use, maybe even bigger buttons. Of course, IMHO, this wouldn't be high on Fiio priority list but it would be a good addition. A lot of mobile phones makers are implementing this UI mode.
Looks good, but a bit overloaded. Too many buttons and actions. I know the target of fiio, but I would recommend an "easy mode" with just the basics.
^ sorry, I thought you had X5.
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