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I have never seen any product like this in terms of functionality and portability. I have never seen any product in which one accessory would cost more than the main product. Maybe we should take this as a module instead of an accessory? The way a computer graphic card is to a PC? A camera lens to the camera itself as it was previously mentioned? Very interesting product! Mojo or Poly, which device has more chips? More processing power? More features?
Oh Fiio, you got my attention  I would be delighted to test it!   My details: -Headphone(s) you possess: Fidue A83, VSonic GR07 Bass Edition, Klipsch Custom 3, Sennheiser HD600, Sennheiser HD800 -DAP(s), other: Mojo, X5, X3, Sansa Clip+, HTC 10 -Descriptions and links to review(s) you have posted (if...
Hello everyone I saw this DAP a few weeks ago and caught my eye, so yes, I would be interested in reviewing it. Cheers @glassmonkey for the mention and the opportunity.
From memory, I agree with your opinion, similar equipment, tube amp and the HD600 and highs were a bit too aggressive.
 I vouche for this cable, very decent, does the job.
For sale FiiO E12. Comes with the box and all the accessories. Unit is as new, barely used, has less than 12 hours of use.    Price includes shipping within Ireland. Shipping to EU countries based on which country but should be around 10 Euro more.   Thanks
Fiio keeps at it. Elegant looking device!
 I had an irDac and replaced it with the Mojo, I didn't have both at the same time since the irDac went back two days before the Mojo arrived, this wouldn't be a proper comparison but the Mojo sounds better and more musical, I found the Arcam to be a bit to aggressive (for my taste at least).Arcam little box is nice, remote is functional and all those inputs are handy a proper desktop DAC. Mojo is this little thing that seems odd on a dekstop but I would have to say I'm...
Update for the Europe Tour,    Amp shipped to the next reviewer today!   Thanks for the opportunity. Review soon!
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