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 You can find Joker's review here If that does the trick and you can use amazon USA, they are now $259.95
I was a GR07 BE user for over a year, I loved them, few months ago decided to go for the fidue A83, very happy with my decision, they have more and better bass, so it will suit for music taste.
Indeed this feature is a must, I have my music organized by folders and everything, but I prefer the library mode over the folder one, so browsing is a pain in the $%%. As I have stated before, there many ways to make the browsing faster, to be able to jump through letters would have my vote.
Hope 2.5 get released soon.
Sounded too good to be true
Big thanks to all the modders!
^ lol, no, it has to be smaller because it has to fit in a car cup holder
Not enough time playing with it, but so far so good, stable and faster (I have +6000 songs on it).   As the previous post reported, the "more than seven albums" bug is still present.   The X5 is getting closer to a truly great player. 
Joe, could you clarify what "10. Optimized playback of AAC, FLAC and M4A." means? Thanks
Great way to start the year!
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