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Hi Head-Fi,   So I got 2 Yuin PK1s for my birthday and am looking to sell one of them. Comes with donuts and full foams, box and packaging as in the picture.   Did not remove earphones from the box so I don't mess up the cables. Selling them as new! :)   Feel free to PM if you have any questions. Price includes paypal fees and shipping.     Thanks!
Hi Headfi!   Selling a pair of new Bose AE2w! I titled it new other because it is not sealed, and here's why :   My first pair went bad and I got a replacement unit from Bose. They did not send it with a new box packaging which is why the box looks old. And I had to open it to test to make sure bluetooth and sound quality were good on both cans to respond to the warranty department.   Decided not to keep them as I got a different pair for birthday! So my lost your...
Hi Head-fi!   Selling my like new YUIN G2A, this is the clip on model from YUIN.    Used it for a week and got a Bose from the wife.    PM me with offers! Highest will walk home with it.    Thank you
Hi Head-fi,   Selling my lightly used BLOX ANV3. This is not the ANV3SE.    Will provide the BLOX B13 in ear model as well. I was one of the early birds who bought the ANV3 and got the B13.    Pm me with your offers! Highest takes it home.    If you are interested in buying just the B13, let me know as well with your offer.    Thank you! 
+1 for westones if your budget allows!
Really depends on the songs you're listening to.    Use my m50s for pop, kpop, R&B, it keeps up well with pop rock too.   1350s for other genres. More accurate and layered sound.
I currently use the DJ1 Pros for my gigs :) go ultrasone!
Use this for my DJ-ing gigs.    Another worthy mention is their DJ1 Pros.   Very accurate and layered. 
Life of Pi! Heard the ending is not what portrayed in the movie. Looking forward.
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