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Up for sale or trade are my Ultrasone Edition 8 with upgraded silver dragon cable installed by moon audio. In addition to fantastic sound these headphones have by far the best the best build quality of any headphone I've owned. As they say on their website, a luxe item. I'm not in any hurry to get rid of them, but most of their head time is during work hours and I'm looking for something over ear that are more comfortable for longer periods. These are definitely...
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Hi all, I've been thoroughly satisfied with my rig for over a year, but I'm getting the itch to try something new and let go of a few of my favorites. Up for trade are my Beyerdynic T-1(first gen) and/or Audio Technica ATH-W5000. The T-1s are in excellent condition and come with the case and original packaging. I'm the second owner, but they were practically brand new when I got them. The only signs of visible wear is that the Beyerdynic logo on the cups is fading...
I am very interested in beta testing the HE-1000s. I started my head-if journey with the he-400s and then the 500s. I've installed high end audio equipment for the past 15 years.
 I've never seen one like it before on any other Yamaha pieces, but it seems to work really well.  You pick the frequency with the slider then adjust the level and bandwidth of the filter with the knobs below.  You can use the buttons to apply one, the other, or both bands.
Saw these guys live last weekend and have been listening to their latest ever since. Seven Nations - Tales from the Eighth Nation  
Hey all, I've been lurking around this thread for a long time as I've looked for my first vintage piece.  Anyway, I just came across the freebie, Yamaha C-6 preamp, from a customer that I installed a surround sound system for and hadn't used it in years.  There was some static in the volume and balance control and the power light wasn't working, but with a good amount deoxit no more static and the light is working.   I didn't have very high expectations, but I'm...
I ordered my hybrid pads on Sunday, but just got an email saying shipment would be delayed 2-3 day. Anyway, by far, the NICEST apology email I've ever received. Complements me on being such an amazing, passionate customer and says sorry, seriously, like 5 times. Hifiman, if you are listening, apology accepted. No problems here with the delay.
Great contest!   13.46 lbs 33.76 lbs 74.45 lbs
Headphones have been traded.
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