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Could someone recommend a pair of Portable, foldable, closed on ear headphones for under $50? For me, the most important features are  sound quality, comfort, and noise isolation in that order.   I've been looking at these heapdhones. Audio Technica ATH-SJ11  MEElectronics HT-21   Audio-Technica ATH-M30 
Hey does anyone have reccomendations for a pair of in-ear headphones under 20 dollars?
Ok thanks i'll probbly try it soon ande see how it goes.
 I have a couple of pairs of earphones that im willing to play around with and i was wondering if i could take the remote out of my apple earphones and solder it into another pair. just wondering if anytihng like this could be done, i don't really know almost anytihng about this.   thanks
  do you recommend these over the the hd 239s
does anybody else have any other ideas about closed headphones. especially the seinheisee 218, 228. or 238, has anybody tried those out
thanks for the help, but i can't stand wearing them
i almost broke em when i put them on. i have an around size 8 in hats head.
hi i am looking for some on ear headphones i can use outdoors. the two in the title are what i am interested in. i was wondering if the grado's could be used outdoors or if the seinheisers were any good.
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