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Thanks guys. I guess I'll play with them in the store to find out which one suits me.
Are you sure? because in the teardown I saw that iPad 4G and Mini use the same codec chip. Yes I know implementation does matter but still?
You are correct regarding headphones. I'll be using my iPad with AKG K450.Thanks. Also how is the reading (pdfs, docs or internet) experience on the mini?
I searched in this forum but could not find direct comparison between these two. If anyone own/heard them both please let us know which onw sound better. I will be buying an iPad in coming days, so I need to decide which one to go for. I will be using it primarily for reading, browsing and music. I am leaning towards the mini because of its small form factor
Got to know that output impedance of ipod touch 5G is 0.7, what about ipad mini? could not find it anywhere. I wish to buy one of these for music and reading purpose, which one would you suggest? thanks :-)
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