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OP, what kind of sound sig do you like? What types of music do you listen to? Do you want an open or closed headphone? 
@ Byronb, that is an awesome travel pack, wish I could travel with my 600's!!!
@linglingjr      I'm not a student I am an A/V Tech teacher at a high school. Teach radio, television, film, and sound design. Lucky that I get to work with Pro-tools!!! Audio engineering is fun and does make me listen to music in different ways sometimes. For me thought it’s still about the love of music!!!   
Tracking some vocals...appreciating my HD600’s more and more everyday…  
Thanks SBranson... You have done nothing but make me want the DT880's that much more!!! LOL I’m with Techno Kid, I don’t think I hear anything particularly wrong but for me the decay could be a little faster, on some songs… OP Milk, what will you be using to amp the cans, and where are you getting those great prices from? Buying used? 
I have nothing to really add to this thread other than I am also going back and forth between these two cans. Hopefully someone can help up both out! We do have really different music genres that we listen to though; I am mostly soft rock and classic rock. I also listen to a lot of country. Which ever cans I choose I will be running them through a Schiit M&M stack.
I just recently got the HD600’s and I have to say that I have been very happy with the way they sound. I mostly listen to classic rock and soft rock, and I feel that they really excel with those specific genres, although I have not found anything that don’t sound good with. IMO everything is just smooth coming out of these cans. They are also extremely comfortable and I can wear them for extended listening sessions with zero issues. I do not listen to a lot of music with...
Hope this helps... Let me know if you need me more pics... Headband at the smallest setting.   Headband fully opened
I'll get at least one pic up for you tomorrow morning. I'm interested in seeing the final product.
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