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$225, including shipping...
Sorry guys, right now I'm not interested in any trades. Thanks again.
Bought these new from Sweetwater and had them for about 2 years now. They have less than 10 hours on them. Bought them with every intention of using them, but I just don't. Figured instead of them sitting in their box on my self I would let someone else enjoy them. I don't even want to say "like new" because they have barely even been taken out of the box. No mods or anything, all stock. Doing this post from my phone, not sure how to add more pics. If you want more pics or...
I love the original M6, use to to workout with, mostly. Looking forward to hearing, or rather reading what some of you guys think about the pros. But more than likely gonna pick up a pair anyway...
Next iem for me! Looking forward to your extended thoughts on the sound of these!
I didn't listen to any of the recordings that you posted, but if I were in your shoes... I would just return/exchange them. I listen to many different hps and I always find myself coming back to my DT770s, I love them; sound, comfort, just all around! I realize that you bought them off a guy, but if you have the original invoice or receipt I would just go get new ones. I personally never like to tinker with things unless they are old, or way past warranty periods. Good...
OP, what kind of sound sig do you like? What types of music do you listen to? Do you want an open or closed headphone? 
@ Byronb, that is an awesome travel pack, wish I could travel with my 600's!!!
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