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RMAA test of Lynx Hilo:
Two weeks ago, I became the owner of this interesting device, and try to share my experiences. Prior to buying Hilo I listened to music through portable recorder Sony PCM-D50. For portable it sounds very good (especially through the line-out) and can play Hi-res wav up to 24/96. In my audio path I use Lynx Hilo as DAC connected via USB to Imac27, as well as a headphone amplifier for Sony MDR-CD3000. And so: in my ear Lynx Hilo sounds very natural and does not color the...
Budget/Entry level (Below $1000):   Audio-gd DAC19DF (1) Audio-GD NFB 1.32 (1) Audio-GD NFB-2.32 (1) Audiolab M-DAC (3) Audioquest Dragonfly(3) Cambridge DACmagic Plus (3) Cambridge DACmagic (1) Centrance DACport LX (1) Channel Islands VDA2 & VAC1 (1) FiiO E17 (1) Fostex HP-P1 portable amp/DAC (1) Headroom Micro DAC (2) iFi Audio iDac (1) JDS Labs ODAC (3) Keces DA131 (1) Lavry DA10 (1) Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 Plus ( 1 ) Meier...
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