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Hey all. I'm selling my Grado SR325is & the Grado mini plug adapter that I bought with it. These are the brushed (non shiny) aluminum model & were purchased in late 2012 from The headphones are in great condition & sound fantastic. They'll ship in the original "pizza" box. Paypal is required & I can only ship within the US (sorry.)   Thanks & please let me know if any questions. 
I REALLY wish I hadnt sold my ER4S. Truly my biggest regret. :(
I've tried the W3,W4,UM3X & UM30, and honestly, the UM30 is my favorite. They're still my go-to iems. 
It sounds like you're wanting some pretty bass-heavy stuff but don't want to sacrifice too much clarity. For IEM's, I'd say try the Futuresonics Atrio MG7. They easily have the strongest bass out of any iem I've heard (and I've heard most of them.)    Full size... I'd either try the Audio Technica M50 or one of Klipsch's on ear models. Unfortunately, you're either going to sacrifice some bass, or some clarity. 
You're wanting more bass? The SE215 is already Shures most bass heavy model. 
I've not heard the EX1000, but I do know that it has a similar-style driver to the Vsonic GR07 and the GR07 definitely has a spacious/airy quality to it in my opinion. 
  The W3 treble is not more extended than the W4, it just has a louder spike hence the sibilance problem so many users report. The W4 treble can reach higher, but it's not as peaky as the W3 and therefore sounds much more neutral & less fatiguing.    Personally, the UM3X just sounded thick & boring. Great mids & instrument separation, but the bass felt a bit bloated (like the w3) and the treble seemed to roll off much like the original SE530. W4 bass isn't as loud as the...
GR06 is much better than the SE215 in my opinion. They're more comfortable, have a cleaner sound, and are cheaper. 
I wish they'd re-release the Death Magnetic album. It's a real shame that an album with so many good songs was mastered so poorly. 
When I think "Ferrari," I picture the AKG K3003. But obviously it's outside the budget.    Next choice would be the W4R. Maybe not a "Ferrari," but it's at least a Chevy Corvette. :)
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