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I apprciate the help my guy, Anything that helps me keep up with my kids lol. Check out   PM me sometime mate. you seem cool. 
Jokes on you, I just bought some.
Being a stay at home dad believe it or not is what has made me a caffeine addict more than anything. Between waking up every 2 to 3 hours, cleaning the house, and doing things I want to do like listen to music, watch anime etc at night. I don't really get much sleep.  My drinks of choice are Monster's but if anyone can recommend anything stronger I would be happy to know. Monsters are starting to put me to sleep. 
I found it to be a really good movie. 9.5/10
  my laptop works fine for the moment.
I saw this and just instantly fell in love, I think I might make something similar.
American Dream by Danielle Ate The Sandwhich
I imagine that it would just become a glorified mp3 player just like my last psp.
They Bleed Pixels
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