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I am not sure if you are using headphones or not, but when listening to my rig I notice the RefLink much more than when using speakers. I notice the high end harshness is removed with the RefLink. I also listen with my headphones in the mid 70's on the dial up to low to mid 80's sometimes and in this range it is noticeable. 
I too have the 1.5 driving some ultrasone edition 8's Was curious about buying the LCD 2 or 3 and if it works well with the 1.5 Please let me know. Thanks!
Oh man! Just bought and installed the Bel Canto RefLink USB/SPDIF interface to got with my Bel Canto 1.5 DAC. Sweet Jesus, I didn't think the 1.5 could sound better, but this thing has really improved the sound, significantly. I do not know why more people on this site don't spend more time with computer audio, super quality DACS, and interfaces like the RefLink. I think these improvements are more significant than a headphone amp. I am blown away by my rig.
I have had this for a few weeks now. I listen to it about six hours a day in my office over Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones. My source material is MOG radio (320 kbps) running on my MacBook Air outputted via USB to the 1.5.   What can I say? This thing is outrageous. I have never heard more immersive, more revealing music in my life. I find myself just "tuning out" with these things on. Outstanding soundstage. I literally feel like I am at the microphone on the stage...
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