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Title says it all, contact me if you have got one in mint condition.
No worries. Congrats on the sale. Cheers N
Hello, I will take the Asgard; what's your Paypal? (In mesa, AZ) Cheers, Nicholas
SOLD Catch and release for me. Like-new pair of Audeze LCD3 Headphones. Beautiful markings in the zebra wood cups. The headphones are in flawless condition. I just pick these up from a trusted member in September. The headphones were originally purchased in March 2013. The package is complete with all original packaging, accessories, Headroom invoice and Audeze frequency graph. Includes the following: LCD-3 Headphones Stock 1/4" cable (single termination) Stock 4-pin...
Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna Know Sent from something electronic. soak.
The blue color LED on the BHSE looks very cool, you will love it.
Selling my Ultimate Ears UE10-Pro Customs. Excellent condition with little use.   $299 shipped to the CONUS. Sold
FS: JH-13 Pro.    I listen to the JH-16 more because I get a better seal with them.  I prefer the sound of the 13s but these are not getting any use.  Reshelling companies are out there, offering for $645 shipped to the U.S.  I will also ship worldwide for $685.   Paypal add .03% for each service.   I had my 13's completely redone after multiple refits (not remolded, a new pair made entirely) These are brand-new with less than 3 hours on them.   Low ball...
Pics added.   Deal in this thread is for BHSE and NOS Mullards only.  PM with any other questions.
Selling a pair Koss KSC-75 NIB.   $20 shipped to the ConUS.   No Trades.
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