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http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1657805726/bluamp-bluetooth-amplifier not sure if anyone is interested in this... i had thought it would be a portable amp, but i was wrong...!
thanks for your insight, fellas!  am now trying to get my hands on a C&C amp and hopefully a Sansa...!
Hi Sefelt103! Really appreciate your response!  I am just getting my feet wet in this awesome world of portable audiophile. I had previously gotten some portable MP3 players but had always been using mp3 compression, never did FLAC before... i stumbled upon the Sansa and came across headfi while googling for news and info about Sansa. It was blind luck that i got myself a beast of a player.  Mine's currently dead, having taken a swim when it ought not to... and am...
Hi... i'm new to this forum and am seeking information about the sound processor chips for mp3 players. i've been using mp3 players since ipod gen 2 but the sound processor never really bothered me till of late, especially since i had been searching for Sansa Clip range of products (but it is not available for retail in my country. looking at amazon, there are many products of that size and i saw a Philips Raga in a local supermarket... so i started looking for...
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