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Heard that the flat4 can compete with the fi-ba-ss and the k3003? And is the ocharaku considered as an 232's upgrade
Yeah, I'd be really appreciated
How about ocharaku flat4sui?
Me too, any help?
Could anybody here compare the 1+2 vs ocharaku flat4 and phonak 232 please
Ocharaku flat4sui? Can it be driven properly from an iphone? I cant find the fa4 in Vietnam so that's a shame
How does it compare to the sm64? The sm64 is too dark for me so if the asg2's that level of darkness, then I'll try sth else
Should I get the asg 2 for 450$? I want some kind of upgrade in my phonak 232's mids while not sacrifing much trebles quality and quanity. I listen to metals, pop, dance and a bit of vocals, mainly driven by iphone 4. A comparison with phonak 232 or westone 4 is appreciated. And I didnt enjoy the sm64 because the treble is too "smooth" and the bass is too slow
I can get the asg2 for 450$ in my country, so is it a good deal for me to listen to metals, pop, dance and sometimes vocals with them? Or I should look elsewhere. My main source is iphone 4. My preference is like the westone 4 with better extension and more transparent (phonak 232 with a bit less fatigue and thicker in sounding). Any help is appreciated
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