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Still for sale after scam attempt.   I will only ship to USA, Canada and UK due to Paypal requirement for confirmed addresses.   Thank you! ~ I'll respond to all inquiries.
 Thank you I never considered converting my XLR to TRS, another expense I suppose. I was looking at Focusrite offerings but as you mention, no XLR so I ruled them out. I did find these, just not sure how good the DAC is:-
 Output yes, good catch and updated my OP. That's too much, I was looking for something along the lines of the now discontinued E-MU 0404. EDIT: Just checked out the Emotiva DC-1 and yeah it looks pretty hot but I must resist. It would however match with my Emotiva Airmotiv 4s... 
- I'm looking for a USB DAC/amp with balanced XLR outputs for an all-in-one solution for my office.   - This will be used daily with XLR-balanced speakers and occasionally with 6.35mm (1/4 Inch) headphones.   - Looking to spend less than $200.   Any suggestions will be much appreciated!   Cheers, Dan
 Anything above 100% causes clipping.
Sorry for the late reply.   - Aftermarket SA 5000 ear-pads. - Original ear-pads are fabric... wouldn't know how to describe them as Sony mistakenly called them genuine leather which they most certainly are not. - I am the original owner. - No idea how many hours... over 100+
 Looks a lot like the mod I did back in the day -
 Just checking you are actually sat, listening to these headphones and not slinging them around your head at the gym... maybe using them for a jump rope? I've listened to mine a lot (not so much recently) and the pads are still soft and plump. They look like they're built like a tank, weigh close to one too... I couldn't really see what would go wrong with it given that you care for them. As with all my headphones I put them in some sort of box when I'm not using them...
 I don't see how that relates to what I'm looking for... Say I do get the sub what do I plug it into? I'm looking for something to plug speakers into. Further that Energy 10 is amazing in my office. I had a decent SVS sub in here and it sounded God awful (vibration galore), wonderful in the much larger living-room however.
@ProtegeManiac   Not sure what I ignored sorry, perhaps it went over my head. I am just simply and lazily looking for an all in one solution to run my speakers and occasional plug headphones in.   Here's how I have it all working right now...   - Emotiva Airmotiv 4 with an XLR cable in each. [powered] - Energy Power 10 sub with both L&R RCA cables. [powered] - Both the XLR and RCA cables connect to my DAC. - The DAC is connected to my computer via USB.   This...
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