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The Sony SA 3/5k are some of my favorite headphones, I only wish I'd bought more when they were in production. Out of interest how much did you pay for them?    Great to see this thread still trucking along!
 I've owned one Z6 that has no cable issues, the quality through-out is better than most headphones made today... May I suggest you stop swinging them around your head, perhaps keep them boxed when not in use? The HP1000 is hyped up no doubt about it, I'm simply saying if the Grado goes for a grand, then the Z6 IN MY OPINION should come in around in the same price point... and that's not even considering how rare they are. Before I started this thread I don't think there...
 Based on my particular pair which I keep great care of, I think they're built very well. I have not had any issues with the cable on the Z6 however I have had issues with the Sony SA 3k/5k cable. Cable and cosmetics aside it's all about what's going on inside. And their price; they sound almost identical to a Grado HP1000 HP1 HP2... how much do those go for?
  It's hard to put a price on a product that hasn't been made in over 30 years. For headphones built this well and sounding this awesome I wouldn't let mine go for less than a grand... 
Diminishing returns maybe, but mainly it's down to clever marketing. I'll take a DT880 over a T1 any day.
 I listen to headphones for transparency and detail retrieval, the Sony's are in my opinion king. The HD800 while perhaps a better all-rounder because of their desirable bass, simply don't have the warmth and punch [slam] of the SA's. As far as the price goes, that's marketing for ya. Price something up and people find it more desirable. I will say this; the HD800 sounds more like a Sony SA than a HD600/HD650, make of that what you will.
 I believe we were talking about the Sony as I mentioned the HD800 in comparison. Regardless I wouldn't take any notice of Amazon reviews, better to read reviews on head-fi. Better still to do your own hands-on research. In addition, and to stay on topic... I would say the Sony SA3k, Sennheiser HD600 and Beyerdynamic DT880 are some of the best open/semi-open headphones regardless of price.
 I was talking about sound quality.
Nothing will come close to the (discontinued) Sony SA3000 for natural sound, I prefer them over the Sennheiser HD800. Get them while you can!   $218.95 http://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR-SA3000-DJ-Stereo-Headphones/dp/B0007N55KU/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1386005224&sr=1-1&keywords=sony+sa3000
 The same goes for any headphone at any price.
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