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Diminishing returns maybe, but mainly it's down to clever marketing. I'll take a DT880 over a T1 any day.
 I listen to headphones for transparency and detail retrieval, the Sony's are in my opinion king. The HD800 while perhaps a better all-rounder because of their desirable bass, simply don't have the warmth and punch [slam] of the SA's. As far as the price goes, that's marketing for ya. Price something up and people find it more desirable. I will say this; the HD800 sounds more like a Sony SA than a HD600/HD650, make of that what you will.
 I believe we were talking about the Sony as I mentioned the HD800 in comparison. Regardless I wouldn't take any notice of Amazon reviews, better to read reviews on head-fi. Better still to do your own hands-on research. In addition, and to stay on topic... I would say the Sony SA3k, Sennheiser HD600 and Beyerdynamic DT880 are some of the best open/semi-open headphones regardless of price.
 I was talking about sound quality.
Nothing will come close to the (discontinued) Sony SA3000 for natural sound, I prefer them over the Sennheiser HD800. Get them while you can!   $218.95
 The same goes for any headphone at any price.
If it's of any help I would say ...   The DT990 are like the DT880 only with a bigger u-shape.   The HD600 are like the DT880 only more rounded and relaxed sounding.   The HD650 are like the HD600 only darker and warmer sounding overall.
Love the GT-R, it's my dream car! At $100k~ish it's 'somewhat' affordable, maybe even a steal considering what it does and how fast it does it. I drive an SE-R, I can dream though!
 Oh absolutely, and thinking about it the Sony's are at a price where you can buy and sell them in 6-12 months time for what you paid if not more. If they're not your cup of tea that is. I'm also a big fan of electronica, I've been through the typical selection bass-forward headphones and found the Denon D7000 close to perfect. However I do the majority of my headphone-listening at night to unwind, I save electronica for the day-time and my speaker setup. On an evening I...
 Save yourself some cash and pickup the discontinued Sony MDR-SA3000 before they're gone for good. While the HD800s might be the better all-round performer, the money you saved could be spent on an OTL Tube amp with some nice tubes. The Sony's have greater accuracy and anything with real instruments is a real treat to listen too. The Sennheisers are more musical and theatrical and would be considered better overall I suppose. As far as electronica goes I wouldn't really...
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