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Dick Smith recently had it for $179 but I missed it. If you can get down there I'll consider it. If not, I'll wait for another Dick Smith sale or the M2
I did a review of them you can check out here http://www.head-fi.org/products/audeze-lcd2-planar-magnetic-headphones/reviews/9464 I sold them mainly due to comfort issues. They kept giving me headaches and when I found myself reaching for my HD600s more than my LCD2.2s I knew that I should sell them. I actually sold them for $50 more than I originally paid for them haha, so it worked out well in the end.
I'm excited for the drop in price the HE400 and HE500 will see in the for sale forum :D
Yep. I had that exact problem with the Audeze, the pressure points on the top of my head. I hated it. While the HE400 was evenly spread and although the headband looked less comfortable than the Audeze headband it was much nicer.
I auditioned my LCD2.2s before I bought them and laughed at the idea that they would be too heavy for me. Then after a couple months and many many headaches I realised comfort is all about living with a pair of headphones.Side note: I never had any comfort issues with the HE400, but still the HE400i looks awesome
I remember buying a new pair of these with free shipping for $400 AUD  from Minidisc about a year ago. Must have gone up in price recently
With regard to comparing headphones to speakers being like comparing apples to oranges. I'm not too sure. I don't think they're incomparable as they share a lot of the same qualities, but one can't really fault headphones (an apple) for not being a good speaker (orange).
My HD600 headband cracked but I was within warranty so Sennheiser just gave me a new pair of HD600s haha. But seeing as you have an HD580 you won't have warranty. I looked into buying the headband part for my HD600s before Sennheiser replaced them and they are just so expensive, particularly in Aus. http://service.syntec.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=1919&products_id=80679 link to official Sennheiser HD650 headband part. $190.28!! Outrageous I'm in Adelaide btw
Most the time I agree, however I have seen some exceptions.
Yep that's right :). Although to be honest I've never heard much of a difference
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