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The Sennheiser sales representative that I spoke to yesterday said that Sennheiser US won’t ship the 5X8SHORTCABLE overseas, but he is confident the cable is available overseas. He recommended calling one of their overseas sales offices to order the cable over the phone.   -Al
Good question.  If no one posts an answer this weekend then I'll call Sennheiser next week and ask.   -Al  
Here's some information that might be useful to other Sennheiser HD-518 owners.   Sennheiser is now selling a replacement cable for the HD-518 that is 4.5 feet long with a 3.5mm plug instead of the 1/4" plug that comes from the factory. The Sennheiser item number is 5X8SHORTCABLE. The item description is: "4.5FT Adapter Cable 3.5 to 2.5mm for HD5x8" I ordered mine from Sennheiser two weeks ago and received it last week.   Cost was $12.95 + $6.50...
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