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So me to be really really honest, I do like SS-100 very very much and find them best sounding headphones till now for me :)But have no experience with Stax... finding only them to be real competitors for them.
In some aspects they are really unique, lushness, smoothness, coherence, vocals, 3D presentation, presence of sound, non fatiguing style, all are exceptional. But You have to know that these are old. The foam holding inner foil with planar coil may be in bad condition, they are over 35 years old. The extension of frequency response is not huge, some lows are missing, some very treble sounds also... But the midrange and lower midrange are very very good. You should listen...
For sale:
100 pages and nothing about the sound of EL8... Sad.
Thanks SeEnCreaTive   Here's recipe:  
I hope You'll finally achieve best possible quality for these excellent drivers :) In my case drivers in this housing without bass lens (inside diameter about 40mm) was not acceptable. What I have noticed is that distance of transducer from ear, sequence of damping, density, size, and shape make key role with ortho drivers - and even one small change can absolutely spoil the sound - make it more telephone effect, or too dull, or generate some nasty peaks, depressions in...
me too...
The longer I listen to SS100 to lesser I think about buying LCD :)
OK Guys, who ordered 002 model? I have been asking Łukasz and he told me tham some units are going to be send, so I have to wait for mine for feb/march.
Everytime I give headphones to compare to my wife and my father they always keep SS100 longer on head than other headphones. And they say these are perfect for long period listening sessions. And of course more classy and smooth than other headphones I give them to try (even th900 or hd800)   Cheers and congrats 
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