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At least some positives :)   I do have P2 and are very glad with it, but here I see it is not very appreciated. I like its linearity, but most audiophiles prefer more energetic, v shaped sound, which in contrary is not good in professional environment. But personally I use P2 at home and enjoy a lot.
any news about the sound?
wouldn't you sell abroad? with paypal?
Anyone had tried Shure 1540 pads with dt150?   ???
The second part shoul explain, that you should not be worry about safety when you 'unground' the amp, as the whole rig haa ground connected through signal cables which finally go to the grounded unit in your rig
Hi,If the Phonitor cause ground loop, so the every other grounded amp will do the hum also. The solution is to not use the grounding. For safety reasons it will be grounded with connectors shield and another unit in your setup, so no worry about...
Audeze quality of chosen solutions and production is far worse than I though. And far worse than Stax for example :(
Thank You,What do you think about M3?
What is the best , most analog sounding dac from SMSL company?
My review with sound sample available here: Please use google translate, as it is written in Polish.   Have a good time!
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