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Rediscovering topic.   Actually listening SS-100 transducers on my OTL Espressivo. Sound in very romantic, nor particulary high definition but vocals are full of life. Soundstage is rich, not boring presentation at all. But there is a taste of nostalgia in sound of these headphones. Presently headphones go toward clarity, fast and so on. But these headphones are rather romantic painting in presentation... Has also a bit of nice coloration. 
Here you have the effect, to me worth to try:  
If you take DT100 velours and need more bass than do a bigger clamping of headband. Sorry for stupid photo but it is good instruction. You can bend them even the way the cross the mid od heapdhones but they are very strong at headband - don't worry about spoiling.  
Well, there is no boutique parts (cables, antivibration pads, granite slabs etc...) that could bring as big sound quality improvement to some audio gear than simple good solid engineering.
Actually, just this moment enjoying very much Lampizator totally tube staged DAC + Espressivo from Mr.Feliks + Modded DT150 Beyerdynamic studio vocal monitoring headphones. Meybe not perfect but great fullfilled sound, with great timbre, perfect natural phrase decay, perfect reverbs... Zero upsampling, local and global feedbacks, zero op-amps, filterings and so on. Just current flowing through the tubes :)   But waiting for impressions with Elise, already want to have it...
What is the estimated impedance range for headphones?
Sorry for my mistake - I meant Cello tracks ;)
Violin: Vayghan Williams - Dark Pastoral For Cello Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon OST with Yo-Yo Ma - Desert Capriccio Shawshank Redemption OST - Sisters
What can I propose to enjoy tube sound:   Katie Melua - I'd Like To Kill You with a Kiss Melody Gardot - Mira Tracy Chapman - Fast Car Patrcia Barber - Like JT Metallica - Memory Remains ...
OK :)   I mean axis? line of the ear? : )  U know what I mean...
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