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What I like with my Lampizator is that the sound is really present, it is an advantage with my speakers setup. But with headphones, sometimes the sound is too much in my head. I'd like to have larger perspective with my headphones. I actually have OTK Russian tube.
Good news about Spotify feature:   Info from Auralic support:   " Hi:   To use Spotify with ARIES, you will need a iPad/MAC or Windows PC. Please install Spotify software on your computer/tablet and then map the sound to ARIES using AirPlay or Songcast service provided by ARIES.   "
How do you compare in sound 6x5 rectifiers Bendix to OTK ?
Dear Collegues. I have Pioneer high class cd player PD9700 model. It is very solid machine and feeds very well my Lampizator dac (via spdif). But I have also many WAV files and would like to achieve same or even better quality than my CDP + DAC. PS3 as an audio streamer does not offer as good quality as conventional good quality cd players...   Please help e to find a well priced machine that can be a good source for 16/44 files.   I'm not interested in pc computer...
Is it possible to control headphone out  volume via remote control in M-Dac?
Same tube as in my DAC. So which tube is significantly better?
Well. Too difficult question for me :)
I think the real top hi-fi gear tend to be transparent. Transparent but full bodied and rich. I think Head Dac is vey well extended through all areas. As it is amplifier it should be that way. Synergy may be a trap. It could work with particular headphones but with others may be fault. I've been testing Violectric V200 and I know it could tame some bright headphones and make them more listenable, I know M-Dac which filters can make muddied headphones to play more lively...
They can be very close. But I'm not sure it will be the same as separated units are separated units... Ask Lukasz Fikus.
You can choose upper model DAC chipsets. As a standard (Headphone Dac) I suppose it will have Level 4 chipset.
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