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Thank You,What do you think about M3?
What is the best , most analog sounding dac from SMSL company?
My review with sound sample available here: http://eardrummer.pl/2016/10/09/recenzja-sluchawki-focal-listen/ Please use google translate, as it is written in Polish.   Have a good time!
Pioneer XDP 100r is very very expensive :)
In my desktop rig I amp the LOD output od IPhone 4S with Phonitor 2 amplifier. But in mobile use I use jack output of IPhone. But it does not have enough power and quality for Audeos Phonaks and Q701...
I mean using IPhone as a source with fixed output (volume). This way to me it siund cery good. The added jack output spoils a bit the audio quality
   I will check these options. The full size headphones are not that necessary because I use Q701 with desktop rig. Phonaks play well with IPhone 4s but I feel like 3-4 bars more power would be great. Also the amp section in IPhone is not that great as the IPhone is as DAC alone (with LOD output)...I see these DAPs do not support Spotify. So I think I will look for a straight amp to my IP4s :)
Full size: AKG Q701, previously Beyer T1 - nicr detailing but lacks musicality, LCD2 - which i didn't like for some muddy timbre, even with great ampsIEM: Phonak 112 with grey filters and sometimes black, Braiwavz ProAlpha
You are probably right, but which one to choose? As an upgrade ?:)
Which present DAP has the DAC quality of IPhone 4s and has much better amp section than 4S? In lets say 500$ price bracket   Thank you guys
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