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I use tube amp thus I need some more 'brillance'.
I have very good news for all of you who use velour pads. By adding such a 5mm spacers you can achieve much better 3d imaging and overall frequency balance. It is also worth to remove foam between earpads and transducers and onle leave this thin white paper membrane. Try it and you won't regret. I love DT150 and find their mids to be one of the best ever. Cheers        
Dear Users, What headphones amplifiers do you use with your Lampizators present?
Please please write some comparisons, thank you!
Beyerdynamic DT150 with velour pads easy mod. 
Way too expensive for their debut in headphones world.
How do you compare Violectric to Tube Amp sound?
DT 150 works very well with solid state machines. But they also work brillant with tubes if the tube is very very high class due to DT150 bass control needs.
Well, this is my old setup. It was vintage but great Philips CD104 Player, Crimson 610C preamplifier, Crimson 620C power amplifier and Rehdeko Rk115 french, very effective speakers. Very nice setup indeed, but actually my setup is far more better: Pioneer PD9700 transport, Lampizator Level 4 dac and Espressivo preamp, Crimson 620C power amp and open baffle speakers:  
I'm an architect. And I appreciate this look. It is truth look of headphones. Headphones should be durable and simple. It is not bijou
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