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Dear 6sn7/6f8g fans, I've received parcel with 6f8g's RCA, National Union, TS RP & FP.   What I can say for now - I do prefere most TS RP. There is to me slight difference between RP vs FP. RP sounds more linear, more balanced than FP. RCA are very smooth but not enough 'dynamite' in sound like TS's. NU is OK, neutral and nice bot not as powerfull in sound as TS RP.  
How do the RP compare in sound to FP version of 6f8g TSs?
ok, 25 ohm, sorry
what impedance do they have?
What price did you sale them?   Thanks
Dear Collegues, Will single tube (per channel) 2A3 speaker amp drive LCD2 sufficent ? It gives 3,8W into 8 ohm   Thank you
Honestly, I do not recommend them to rock/metal music... To lean on lower mids. Having them for 1 year.
Not yet. But I hope to have an opportunity to hear them. I'm curious why Fostex changed the size of T50rp drivers? Are they just cheaper? 
Still loving my custom SS100, and can't find any succesor even 1000$ range.
Well, please treat my recommendation with distance. But I advice it like to a friend. I have Sansui SS100 modded headphones - which are superior to Fostex T50R (modern version), as ortho drivers of vintage Fostex and Sansui are bigger and just better. I also know well LCD2, LCD3, HE500. What I'd like to say you to try the dynamic headphones, yes:), Beyrdynamic DT150. Cheap indeed, but well driven my surprise you with their lushness and fullfilled vocals, very nice...
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