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Sorry If it was already written, but I really could find. What are the parts (restore and caps) in AKG K1000 close to the drivers ?
I can say as arbitrary judge, as I know the ear stream products very well, these really got something in it that makes music just flow and make sound very organic. Not at all transistor timbre. Just true music.   Cheers
Of course please treat it with a grain of sarcasm. But I'm just not optimistic to the new versions of Fostex. Hope these will surprise me. But still compared to other biocelulose applications I find AH-D7000 as the best. Cheers
There will never be better application of biocelulose driver than MDR-R10 and D7000 anymore. Period.
no one has possibility to listen to them? :)
The Thing is if the upgrade will be significant or just minor or just a difference. I have very polarized experience basing on over ear headphones. Many very expensive ones didn't sound natural. And naturally is the thing I look for. Any more ideas about upgrade? The audio chain I have is good, so I do not look for the changes there.I'm open to IEMs or over ear headphones. The priority is to keep the linearity and naturalness of Audeo, but just adding a bit of space and...
Have been auditioning 4XR few days ago, even made small review in my native language, but as i find them sounding great, is there possible any further upgrade?:)   http://eardrummer.pl/2016/06/23/recenzja-sluchawek-dokanalowych-etymotic-et4xr/
Hi, What can be a real step up (upgrade) from PFE Series ?  IEM or over ear.   Thanks
The time to share to someone this legendary transducers has come. My custom SS100 drivers for sale in this form:  
630.oo Euro.
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