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Audeze LCD2, vintage Fostex T50, Fostex TH900, T1.
What headphone amps (1000$ range) do you recommend to use with Lampizator dacs?
How SA31SE or NFB6 comapre to Violectric V200 or other 1000$ price range amps? Thank you for your help
Dear SS100 / T50 fans, Anybody got a photo of how the drivers are mounted in original headphones? Im interested in particulary the place where the exterior edge of diaphragm contact/or not the housing
I'm wondering how cords 'synergize' or not with orthos?
Dear takato14,Actually there is no dampening at all. I have been testing many versions of dampening (rear, front, various densities...) Trial and error way. It is important to pose a question - what the dampening is for?In some instances it is to tame to bright treble, some peaks, some boomy bass and so on. Sometimes it also work as a filter (acoustic). And if it is a filter it hide some details of sound. Some orto drivers got some peak, some nasty nosal expo on...
Mine version of drivers mounted in 'beyerdynamic style housing' make them very very comfortable for long periods.  The drivers are more distance from ear then in original SS100 housing but I have no possibility to compare. What i can tell now, after last mods - my headphones sound excellent. And I cannot find nothing I want to buy instead of them in 1200$ range.  
OK :)  
So haw about comparing to Matrix?
Dear HeadFiers, Sorry If I have overlooked something, but how the sound of C-2 Class A compares to other amps in the market?  To Burson, Violectric, Questyle, Schiit and many others?
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