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Well, having both, I do also prefere DT150, as being more human, hd650 being very good but the sound is more "matt" if you know what I mean
Och I forgot, for HE-500 go absolutely with V200.
Well, I do have tube amp and to me 'tube like' sound is not right description. And also a bit strange approach. SS should be the best in its way. Same the tube. If I have to decide which amp is more tube like (even If I do not like this phrase) to me it is V200... But it far from real tube ; ) But please understand me right - Graham and V200 are very good amps. Just different from real tube. What I remember is that Graham has wider soundstage, probably due to presence of...
I have been comparing them very carefully. These amp are quite different indeed. If you prefare clarity and a little bit of brightness in sound go with Graham. If you like fuller sound take V200. But you should be careful. Graham can be to bright with some headphones and may have to lean bass with some headphones. It is absolutely calssy amp but I can describe it that clarity is prority. For example V200 sound great with my T70, while Graham was too bright. But V200 is tu...
Probably you are right, but I'd like to hear different approaches of producers. I have fun with that, and I do not proclaim that feedback is back. 
Does BHA-1 use negative/global feedback in its circuit?
Dear Headfiers, After many months of active research and auditioning, I still look for a tube headphone amplifier with very good detailing and clarity. Indeed these are adventages more focused with ss amps, but I look for a tube. Which amplifier could you please recommend me?   Let imagine cost-no-object scheme   Thank you for your help 
Dear Head-Fiers, Today I received V200. Actually I do listen with T70. These particular headphones have opinion of being lean on bass and bright. Well, I have checked them with many amplifiers. Finally Espressivo-E OTL amp with russian tubes gave these headphones right power and timbre. For many months this pairing was great. What can I say today, it is even better. Bass has better control, and is same power and quantity than with OTL, but now even with better control and...
How do you find Bendix rectifier over Mullard , Sylvania, Tungsol, RCA ?
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