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You are right but in my country is is T1 V2 available at the middle of September but no info about availibility of DT1170
dt11770 or t1 v2?:)
I'd love to see DT150 TESLA version. It would be true late mornig listenign master!   T70 is just to bright with nasty peaks about 6kHz (I was giving it a chance for 1 year of use) DT770 Has nasty and brutal trebles T1 is nice but too expensive for regular listener DT880 to lean for my taste...   I enjoy DT150. But clarity could be a bit better.
What did you find finally as your setup?:)
You Never Know What You Have Until Its Gone   Few days with TH600. Even that the TH600 are superior in technical aspect and detailing. The real sound and vocals stays with DT150...
Thank You. I couldn't find it with their Build Graph tool before Anybody know Tyll's opinion about them?
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