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I'd like to have Chord 2Qute, I find chord house sound as perfect match for Phonitors
Could please someone compare Mojo in standalone doc mode to other days? What is the quality and how do you compere it with giving other brand names. Than you very much an I appreciate any help.
Is it that mayor change make me to sell these and buy new ones?
My plot is like this. I wonder why the bass is that weak in region below 50hz... It is Lcd2 razor 2015.  
Hi, I'd like to ask people who have had possibility to compare them both, if the sound signature has changed. I know they both should sound neutral but full sounding. But wonder if the sound signature has changed during these years. Particularly in driving LCD2 or T1.   Thank you
I have been compering them both with Trilogy headphone amp and LCD2 Fazor   Well to me Chord 2Qute is my taste. While Bifrost is to rich in digital glare in upper midrange.
Up.   Is there any other good days that have synergy with Phonitors?
Not exactly. This works very delicate. Rather to make less ear fatigue than to simulate speakers. It is also cery headphone dependent ( in scale of influence )
Anybody using Chord Mojo as dac alone, not a headphone amp/dac combo? Any experience?
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