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It is helpful to use sushi bamboo stick during puting pads on dt150, You shuold guide the plastic seal with this stick and slide around accordingly to putting pad on earcup..
Everything here is rock solid build.
how about your auditions? how do you find this amp sound?
Anyone already got Head Dac?
I use tube amp thus I need some more 'brillance'.
I have very good news for all of you who use velour pads. By adding such a 5mm spacers you can achieve much better 3d imaging and overall frequency balance. It is also worth to remove foam between earpads and transducers and onle leave this thin white paper membrane. Try it and you won't regret. I love DT150 and find their mids to be one of the best ever. Cheers        
Dear Users, What headphones amplifiers do you use with your Lampizators present?
Please please write some comparisons, thank you!
Beyerdynamic DT150 with velour pads easy mod. 
Way too expensive for their debut in headphones world.
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