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Well, please treat my recommendation with distance. But I advice it like to a friend. I have Sansui SS100 modded headphones - which are superior to Fostex T50R (modern version), as ortho drivers of vintage Fostex and Sansui are bigger and just better. I also know well LCD2, LCD3, HE500. What I'd like to say you to try the dynamic headphones, yes:), Beyrdynamic DT150. Cheap indeed, but well driven my surprise you with their lushness and fullfilled vocals, very nice...
Off top: I'm just waiting for my new 2A3 4 watts amp (previously heard with ss100) to drive them, with high quality output transformers they sounded delicious :)
 Of course it could be seditious, but if you put SS100 drivers into Beyerdynamic style open housing you will be in heaven :)
Dear Collegues, But how about using 2A3 3,8W SET with 60ohm ortho headphones?
I have just ordered 2A3 Arioso from Feliks Audio, it is speaker amp (3,8Watts) but id drives very well headphones 60 and 250ohm - tested with Sansuis ss100 and Beyerdynamic DT150. It has very tine hum, very little but drives them very very well (no hum at all with speakers, and no noise). The sound well controlled and the detailing and 3D scene is brillant. So It could work for speaker amp to drive headphones, but for headphone dedicated transformers it could be a hard to...
Yes, a lot. Thank you
I'd like to ask if there is any, even small, hum with high or low impedance headphone connected to DNA?
Audeze LCD2, vintage Fostex T50, Fostex TH900, T1.
What headphone amps (1000$ range) do you recommend to use with Lampizator dacs?
How SA31SE or NFB6 comapre to Violectric V200 or other 1000$ price range amps? Thank you for your help
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