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I'm an architect. And I appreciate this look. It is truth look of headphones. Headphones should be durable and simple. It is not bijou
I also find treble with DT150 more natural than on HD650...
Nice review. Simple and clever. I love DT150 midrange and authority in lower mids.
Beyerdynamic DT 100 Velour Ear Cushion Pair
I do not suppose DSD will be a standard. Because the market does not need it. And any serious corporated music editor will not release records with DSD. The market need mid quality files, fast downloading and cheap technology. DSD is for purists who are relatively very very small group of market.    I'm not against DSD, but this is just another experiment in our setups like DVD Audio in example...
Anyone already got HEAD DAC?
New SPL Phonitor 2 New Violectric Amps...
Give them good burn in period. They could play very loud (high SPLs), don't worry. They will open heights after loud break in period. 
Anyone please could compare this unit to other well know headphone amplifiers?
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