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Do you now if the remote volume control allow to select also digital inputs? Thank you for your help.
It is also worth to put granite slab on top cover when you use with speakers system. Helps to eliminate vibrations.
I was only lucky to drive HEAD DAC based on Level 4.
From the Lampizator Facebook profile:      
Are HE500 brighter than Alpha Dogs?
I'm also interested in this comparison. I like my Espressivo but for DT150 i need something with more brillance on top. But spacing is totally great.
It could be. Yesterday I have been testing LCD2 Fazor with Lyr2 and Oppo CDP and I was very dissappointed - due to it very narrow soundstage, and a bit closed character of presentation (Dark Side of The Moon). I do prefere much more my setup: DT150 + OTL + Lampiator L4, much more wider 3D sound - even that DT150 are closed.
Dear Kimchee411 Did  it have any hum, noise or buzz on headphone output? On on which headphones did you tested it?   Thank you
I wonder if t90 drivers are the same that t70 ?
I have no experience with Shure. Are these 1540 smooth? and not v- shaped?
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