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Might want to pm people from the last thread that there is a new one.
The Audeze pads are the black leather free kind. SOLD The Fostex pads are protein leather made from eggshell membrane for the TH900 or TH600. They are $50 dollars each. I will pay shipping and paypal.
Each cable is $50. One is stock HifiMan HE-6 cable. It is a 6 foot XLR with a 3 foot 6.3mm adapter. SOLDOne is BTG Midnight 8 Strand.  It is 5 feet XLR with a 1 foot 3.5mm adapter. I will pay shipping and the paypal fee.
My first meet was here last year. I remember there being a limited number of tables. If that's the case again I'll just bring my headphones and dap. Currently have the Hifiman HE-6, LFF's Enigma, Beyerdynamic DT-880.
Yeah you could definitely try my HE-6 on it next meet.
Anybody else from Seattle coming down?
Have you found a place to set this up yet?
Focus A I think. Ordered them before the choice but got them after a three week delay
Yeah the new pads brought the upper mid range more forward. I noticed I was listening to the HE-6 quieter than the old velour pads. Kinda took away some of the bass and treble. Seems a lot of people didn't like that
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