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Yeah you could definitely try my HE-6 on it next meet.
Anybody else from Seattle coming down?
Have you found a place to set this up yet?
Focus A I think. Ordered them before the choice but got them after a three week delay
Yeah the new pads brought the upper mid range more forward. I noticed I was listening to the HE-6 quieter than the old velour pads. Kinda took away some of the bass and treble. Seems a lot of people didn't like that
The only difference was the new Hifiman Focus pads where used.  
Big thanks to Gil for organizing this meet and UE for the prize UE900's. 
I'll be bringing my Hifiman HE-6, Beyerdynamic DT 880, Focal Spirit Professional.
I'm intrigued. What could it be? A new headphone amp?
I also ordered before you can chose which ones you wanted. I just received them yesterday. I am pretty sure they sent me the FocusPad A.
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