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I just received the closed back version today. 
I will be making the drive again from Olympia. I got a couple new headphones to bring. Bottlehead meets are still my favorite. 
For sale is LFF's Enigma in Wine finish. They are serial #24. Will come with all original accessories including numbered case, carrying bag, comfort strap. Also included is two cables. One 10' Cardas 4 pin XLR and one 4' Plus Sound 3.5mm cable. I will pay shipping and paypal fee. Open to offers.
    This unit is in great condition.  This is the 120V version.  It comes with all orignial boxes, usb cable, and HDMI cable. I will pay shipping and paypal fee.
Didn't you like the HD 800 better on your speaker amps than your headphone amps?
Might want to pm people from the last thread that there is a new one.
The Audeze pads are the black leather free kind. SOLD The Fostex pads are protein leather made from eggshell membrane for the TH900 or TH600. They are $50 dollars each. I will pay shipping and paypal.
Each cable is $50. One is stock HifiMan HE-6 cable. It is a 6 foot XLR with a 3 foot 6.3mm adapter. SOLDOne is BTG Midnight 8 Strand.  It is 5 feet XLR with a 1 foot 3.5mm adapter. I will pay shipping and the paypal fee.
My first meet was here last year. I remember there being a limited number of tables. If that's the case again I'll just bring my headphones and dap. Currently have the Hifiman HE-6, LFF's Enigma, Beyerdynamic DT-880.
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