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Any comments regarding comparing these two? 
I just received my XCs today from Justin. What is the consensus as far as burn in time?    Finally, a thank you to Justin who allowed me to compare the XC to the X before buying which made the purchase that much easier. Of course, I did guaranty him a sale of one or the other once I made up my mind. Everything went very smoothly. 
In listening to the XC with the GS-X Mk2 the experience was most rewarding. A lot of positives to be said about this pairing. However, I still enjoyed the XCs more with the Moth 2A3. 
Any cable suggestions for the XC? 
Major KUDOS for Justin of HeadAmp!!!   . I contacted Justin last week regarding my dilemma of choosing between the XC and X. I heard his XC at the recent Charlotte headphone meet and thought it was great. However, I wanted to check out the LCD-X, if possible, to avoid buyers remorse.    Justin to the rescue. He offered to send the XCs used at the meet and a pair of Xs to compare. I received both pair a day later.    Thanks to Justin, I am 100%  confident in my...
For what it's worth, check out post 1199.
Welcome Art.
Please PM if you have either or both for sale. 
Bump for some help
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