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Hope you enjoy that choice. I think that at the clearance prices the ue line is a steal!
JVC flats are decent for under $15 at amazon. Right at that limit I would consider Ultimate Ears 4000 headphones that really sound great on my ps vita. I just picked up a set of Koss Porta pros from amazon for $25 bucks but I think the price went back up on those.
Ok, so I went in on a lark to my local Goodwill and I looked in at their electronics stuff behind the counter and my eyes almost popped out as I saw a pair of HD580's staring up at me. $50 and some change later and I am in my car looking over the headphones and the DSP pro that came with it. The body looks fine and there are minor issues with the earpads but otherwise they seem totally intact and sound good. So I really like them so far and they really shine on the two...
Those pads do look really comfy Trollmaster, mind telling where they come from?
Bargain rig here! Sansa Fuze 4 gb($10 used), Monoprice 8323 ($29), Fiio E11 ($60). Right at a hundred bucks before I add in the 32 gb MicroSd and the upgraded headphone cord. Pretty happy with results so far, but looking at some slightly classier headphones to use with it.
Wow, the shipping on that second link really kills the deal a bit! 
The monoprice are very nice for the money. I really like the sound and the replaceable cable makes for a nice touch too, The build quality is plasticky but seemingly durable, time will tell as I have only had them for a couple of weeks. I think you would be pleasantly surprised with them.
I found the Hesh 2.0 in a display at Target last night. I tried them and, while it may have been the source, they sounded a lot better to me than the previous generation Hesh. To be honest they sounded a lot better than the Sony XB600 set up next to them on a different source. The Skullcandy display also had the ROC Nation Aviators and they are pretty nice too except that they seem a little too fragile for my use. I would really like to have been able to try them out...
Ok, so I must be destined to have a Fuze as I found an ad for someone selling 2 Fuze (not sure what the plural is)  for $10 each. A black 2gb and a red 4gb so I am picking them both up tomorrow to hope I get at least one good one. I was looking for an LOD online and I saw one that ended in a 3.5mm female jack that talked about the quality of the caps used and other code words that made the maker sound knowledgable so I might get that off ebay.
Wow, I hadn't even considered that! If I had to use an external battery then that would eliminate any chance that I had to use an LOD cable thus rendering the whole thing moot. I guess I will wait until Thursday when I am supposed to get my E11 delivered and see how pleased I am with that setup. There is a brand new Fuze on an auction site for like $189 but I think I might just get a Clip+ instead and hope that by turning the volume down to 0 like I read on here that it...
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