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Anybody tried a 128 gb micro sd?
Sooooooooo, thanks to TheDecline01 i got a chance to listen to this mighty little brick.....       It matches fairly well with the Custom Art Harmony 8 in my opinion. Very clean and airy sound, wide soundstage, very detailed,  and yet, an nice presence of bass and low spectrum. In comparison to the ZX1, the Tera offered a more balanced sound to the H8, an overall, great image with extensions both highs and lows perfectly playing with each other.    Being with the zx1...
This word is a nonsense on Headfi.....   
indeed!Bravo for this rig!
silver&gold. You can find sometimes in the classifieds for less than their habitual prices which are huge.
reserved for additional and further thoughts
  i've opened a thread about i said, a debutants review thread
I'll try with my two habituels: CA H8 and Ath im70 i don't think i can have something else in hand until then. Maybe the fellow with the tera brings something, but not sure if it isn't a spiral ear se5... édit: just checked....he has the ToGo334
getting the chance to try the Tera in reality this very Sunday! So excited! 
With the gold silver not at all. Great bass and awesome highs I tried pure silver tralucent v1 too and it was fine, just too sturdy
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