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I suggest to drop out of school! Less risky !
(from what I remember)
Basically, alien is much more dynamic, while Tera is ultra natural and neutral
Sorry, ain't
Well, it's hearable... But I don't listen at 2 so no problem
Anybody else noticed some hiss at gain 2 when no music ?
It takes two days to ship: Actually he ships first from China to Hong Kong, and then to elsewhere. You'll get the tracking after Hong Kong.
Damn it guys, stop scratching the itch of want want want and curiosity !!!!
I think we have a direct opponent to the Vorz├╝ge Duo, as long as you don't touch the two freq options : Gain 1, treble 1, bass 3, freq L : clean and unbeatable deep bass Treble 2 bass 1 freq L: classical music comes to it's true beauty ! Strings are violently beautiful, same as voices... Wagner's ouvertures are impressive, feeling like rubbing myself to the orchestra...love it!
Portable bliss... Ak120+Headstage arrow 5TX bass edition and Harmony 8
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