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you should write Matthew a mail, i'm sure he can help you :)Very nice guy to deal with
After intense listening and comparing i think i'm looking for another signature after all.   If somebody wants to grab a brand new cable without the waiting time :
FS:   BRAND new cable, 2 pin termination, 3,5mm viablue jack, received two days ago. Perfect condition, just not what i was looking for. Used for a couple of hours only   So basically you have a brand new cable without the waiting time, can be shipped same day as payment received.   All original items comes with it: box+paperwork     139 euro NET to me via Paypal gift or plus fees.  Shipping depending on where you are, but wouldn't be much in EU.   thanks for...
is it just me or do i need more power to drive through the hybrid cables? 
i'll get a rant for posting this in 3 different threads....hahaha......don't care!    Sony ZX1+Custom Art Audio Harmony 8 + Forza Audio Works Hybrid cable
Build quality is simply stunning....customer service seems to be reinvented in Poland! Buy with confidence! 
This is what i was looking for for a long time. I've had the CA H8 for a couple of months now....and they still amaze me every single day. Just received the hybrid cable
Just received my hybrid for my ciems. Can't wait to try it tonight!
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