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I guess I like this machine:
nope...only single layer folders
Merry Christmas guys!
a shame we missed each other, could have tried mine
i can only second your plan! I unfortunately had to sell my piccolino 'cause i needed the funds, but will definitively buy it again! It is a better deal than to stick an amp to the alien.....
Pending funds
i guess this happens when the quality of music played by DAPS gets this good and have no UI nor screen….       we shall fly to another horizon……good bye Hifiphilia? New hobby around?          let's talk about……….ahhhhh, work…chr chr chr….   just kiddin' but to come back to the Alien:  After 3 weeks of more or less use, i can now say proudly, i operate the commandwheel completely blind in my pocket, i never ever take it out again, and this is EXACTLY what...
Dude it's a swiss army knife from outer space!!!
Up for sale my Crystal Piccolino Silver&gold Iem cable, still under warranty until march 2015 with Effect Audio from Singapore.    It just came back from an overhaul, in perfect condition, and the best cable i've ever heard.   I wouldn't ever had it sold but i need to fund a very expensive Airplane ticket, so this will have to go until i can buy another one. (which i will definetively do)   This is the most portable cable i had, very thin, perfectly safe for portable...
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