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ZMF Ulysses 
Pm sent
to fall back
Nobody tried ? I'm still curious...
I sold everything I had...custom IEM, ak120, amp, all I gone...I realised at one time it was ridiculous to walk around with 1500$ gear in the subway for 40min commuting...and went back to earbuds and streaming on the cell-phone... And it's perfectly good. Ok, I bought a car was busy doing that...
You need a minimum amount of postings. Can't remember how many
I am, but I can't pm you from my BlackBerry, sorry...could you pm me?
As I'm about to sell my H8, and as I'm the "administrator" of this topic: if you, yes you, want to take over please send me a pm, and an admin should proceed to switch the power from me to you!
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