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hahaha, i'm to afraid of what i could find there…...           If we were at McDonalds we would elect Jaker782 to employe of the month!    I think we should elect him to Headfier of the month! No, OF THE YEAR i say! 
hmmmm maybe the asien guys can enlighten us....actually guys....whats about the anime porn in general????? ;-)Off topic but very interesting question i believe:-D
I swear to god no i haven't! Haha (true!)
Hahaha i don't know why....but when you type "shuffle" on google images you have this:
IT WORKS!!!!! JESUS HOLY LORD IT WOOOOORKS; THE SHUFFLE TRICK WORKS!!!!Dude, you just made me so happy you can't realize how much!!I tried 3 times and it does work every time!This is going to be a bloody great Sunday!Thank you!
If this is true you're my hero!
Yay guys, i can finally say : I'm back in the game! I'll keep my H8... Even if nobody will ever take me seriously again if i wanna sell them one day, I'm overly happy to not let them go! I have (and i really have to) thank Piotr publicly for his very recent help that made my ciems sealed to my ears again! High 5 for that Piotr! Now, I'm waiting for a new cable from Singapore since my stock has a false contact on the jack(i realized it 3days ago), and i can't find my other...
3600 EURO you mean…..
if i were a Shozy Alien i wouldn't play Creed too!!!!   sorry, had to do it, tried to resist….couldn't…..  please don't ban me for this juvenile post…….  please forgive me…..  ok i'll go….  (just kidding mate!  )
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