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Bump, I am looking for a solution to this also. I have the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 7.0. There must be a decent DAC in it as I listen to FLAC files using the headphone jack to a Fiio e11 and then to my Sennheiser and Bererdynamic headphones and it is a good sound.
I realize I am reading this 3 years later, however I am currently in the same situation as you were. I currently use the set up you mentioned with a computer in the stream. I am looking for the solution you mentioned. Did you ever find a solution using a Samsung Tablet?
Thanks. I am going to try again in the Dedicated Source Components section. I am thinking about the TP32 along with the Micca Spec as a purchase to replace my laptop for music listening.
I have been looking for additional user comments on the following products,   topping tp32   Micca Spec   It is been difficult to find, so maybe that should tell me something about their...
Just wanted to check if you purchased the tp32 and if you were happy with it?
Again, most helpful. I have been spending some time on the forum attempting to learn more about this subject. your information is appreciated.
Yes, it is the ASUS Xonar USB U3. Thanks for his information. Since I am doing this connection, just for audio and 2 channel music, I think I will do the optical connect. Thanks again.
Which would you chose to connect your computer to an AV receiver, connect from Computer HDMI-out to HDM- in on receiver? Or would you connect from computer to ASUS USB DAC, then from ASUS spdif out port using TOSLINK optical cable  to receiver's optical input. I think they should be the same as far as digital data is concerned. Computer has about 100gb of my audio collection in flac format. With HDMI to HDMI, I will use the receiver's DAC and using the optical I will be...
Thanks, most helpful. I did not want to get another hdmi to hdmi cable if I was going in the wrong direction.
I have my laptop loaded with music in a FLAC format. I am working thru how to connect to my  AV receiver to enjoy the music thru that system as well. My laptop has a HDMI connect and the receiver has multiple HDMI connects, is it as simple as connecting the laptop and receiver with an HDMI cable? Am I thinking thru that correctly? If so, will I also need a DAC somewhere in that path?   Currently I largely listen to music using laptop, Asus USB u3 DAC, fiio e11, and...
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