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Really thinking about buying one, seems like the audio quality from the E11 to the E18 is a big jump, since i can use the USB, and bypass my phone and laptops ****ty DAC (:
Well i would love the DAC, as of now, the DAC is either my samsung GS3 or my laptop, then going to my E11. so it would be an upgrade, but how much better does it sound? has anyone tried both the E11 and the E18? 
Would it be worth the money to upgrade from an E11 to an E18?    and i'm only talking from a audio wise perspective, just want to know, how much better it sounds compared to the E11? 
Just ordered a pair of AKG K 167 ! can't wait for them to arrive now ! so excited :D 
So it sounds like you are saying, that they are uncomfy ? Is that true? Or is it just that they go against the ear. Also does your ears hurt after having them on for 1 hour ?
Can you tell me how the comfort level is, can you wear them for hours ? does they feel good to have on ? and how good is the sound quality overall ? 
Can sombody compare the AKG K 167 with the Beyerdynamics DT 770 80 Ohm, i already have the 770's, but want to know how they sound compared to the 167's because the K 167 is more exspensive where i live. but anyways i'm gonna use them for portable purposes if i buy them (: 
Sorry about that, but actully i never did (: 
Okay, so i'm a huge fan of Tiesto, and High quality headphones, so i'm really excited about these Tiesto cans. I Currently own alot of headphones, but my best are: Beyerdynamics DT 770 80 Ohm, Standon DJ Pro 2000 ( Old school Tiesto cans) and some cheap Philips one's called SHP 2000, which are my all time favorit bang for the buck headphones, since they are really good, considering the price.   So what i want to know is, how the Tiesto K167 sound, compared to The...
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