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IF i get them for christmas, i will share, probably make a review, using my Fii0 E11 and E18 too :D
I'm a fan of Tiesto, and i don't have a decent pair of IEM, so i will bite on this one i think, good to have something i can wear under a hood, if it's raining outside or something.
Yeah, you are right about that, I like small details like that :D think the middle version will be on my wish list this christmas
Just found this, if you pause at the right spots, there are specs on the wall (:
Just ordered, looking forward to receiving my new E18   
Really thinking about buying one, seems like the audio quality from the E11 to the E18 is a big jump, since i can use the USB, and bypass my phone and laptops ****ty DAC (:
Well i would love the DAC, as of now, the DAC is either my samsung GS3 or my laptop, then going to my E11. so it would be an upgrade, but how much better does it sound? has anyone tried both the E11 and the E18? 
Would it be worth the money to upgrade from an E11 to an E18?    and i'm only talking from a audio wise perspective, just want to know, how much better it sounds compared to the E11? 
Just ordered a pair of AKG K 167 ! can't wait for them to arrive now ! so excited :D 
So it sounds like you are saying, that they are uncomfy ? Is that true? Or is it just that they go against the ear. Also does your ears hurt after having them on for 1 hour ?
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