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Pretty sure there is a thread somewhere on here, where they compared the two. 
Maybe, haven't found any solution yet
Yes, the connector does need quite some force to insert into the E18, don't know if this is normal with the Fii0 cables, but it's like the small things which keeps the cable in place, holds it way to tight, When i connect the E18 to my phone, it pops up with the volume control, and i can control the play/pause etc. but i just get no sound, it works fine with a PC as a DAC, i'm just not using the USB cable that came with it, due to the tightness, but it also works with the...
The standard one called Apollo, but i also tried poweramp, but no luck. Only the buttons on the E18 work, so i can pause/play and jump to the next track yay! -.-
I bought one,2 weeks ago, and i'm really enjoying it, i just can't get my Samsung Galaxy S3 to recognize it, but i think it's due to android 4.4.4 and cyanogenmod
The E18 uses it's own battery, and if it does anything to your phone, it will be charging it. 
Hi, bought a E18, when i connect it to my Galaxy S3, only the pause/play, and forward buttons work.   BTW, i'm running Android 4.4.4, through a costum ROM called cyanogenmod,    tried to get sound both from the default player, which is Apollo, also tried with poweramp, but no luck, does anyone know why i'm not getting any audio?   side note: if i play anything, the sound will come trhough the phones speaker, and i can connect headphones, to the phone's jack, and get...
IF i get them for christmas, i will share, probably make a review, using my Fii0 E11 and E18 too :D
I'm a fan of Tiesto, and i don't have a decent pair of IEM, so i will bite on this one i think, good to have something i can wear under a hood, if it's raining outside or something.
Yeah, you are right about that, I like small details like that :D think the middle version will be on my wish list this christmas
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