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my ZX2 plays fine both TRRS and TRS. just checked it. 2ring and 3ring 3.5 mm - right? it plays them all.  iphone and ipod plays them both too. 
I actually need 4 poles balanced 3.5 pin for sony zx2. so I need aftermarket cable anyway?
ok, thank you very much! you mentioned that I can buy other cable with other connection option? how is it possible?
it's sad... I'm looking who can produce such a great black colored cable - but can't find. I love DHC cables - but only white and clear... I think for ZX2 and dark K10 black would be great. 
I have the same problems... initially I thought that it cant see the card. but I see it in brouser and I see songs in general list. But I cant see the card inside folders section
I used Westone ES5, don't have K10 yet, just ordered it. I think my impressions the same - ZX2 sound better for dynamic genres and on the go. Probably it may lost some details - but I'm not an audiophile anyway and I prefer more musical and emotional presentation of Sony especially with rock genres which I prefer on the go and for sport, where I don't care mush about all the details. For home quite istening and for other genres details are more important - but this is not...
the left one of course
I mean this one. i insert the picture - but it dissapeared 
anyone tried PHA-3 with Fostex TH900? any comments about this combo? thinking to buy PHA for Fostex for vacations...
I have a question... don't have time to read all 600 pages here... what about original cable for K10? how it is good compared with say DHC Symbiote SE? is it better to order special cable for them? what cables usually recommended for K10 for rock, metal etc?
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