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are you still selling this?
ok, thank you. could I send you my old k10s and get extra discount for trade in on Encore?  
what approximately waiting time for Encore if order them now?
1) 79,215 2) 78,215 3) 77,215
I want to buy a pair of Noble Kaiser K10 or a one earphone if someone lost his second. 
my ZX2 plays fine both TRRS and TRS. just checked it. 2ring and 3ring 3.5 mm - right? it plays them all.  iphone and ipod plays them both too. 
I actually need 4 poles balanced 3.5 pin for sony zx2. so I need aftermarket cable anyway?
ok, thank you very much! you mentioned that I can buy other cable with other connection option? how is it possible?
it's sad... I'm looking who can produce such a great black colored cable - but can't find. I love DHC cables - but only white and clear... I think for ZX2 and dark K10 black would be great. 
I have the same problems... initially I thought that it cant see the card. but I see it in brouser and I see songs in general list. But I cant see the card inside folders section
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