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and how much heavier is the CFW compared to M100 ?  
hi, just want to asked so in terms on Sound Quality which one is better the CFW or M100 ? i mean how much differences should i expect ? now my personal set up for listening is the M100 using it with my iphone 4s + Go-DAP unit 4.0 (a V-moda VAMP like amp for the iphone)  when im at home. M100 using it with my iphone 6s plus when im travelling. so i'm really interested in this wireless headphone craze,  and wondering how will it compare to my set up above if im using...
hi sorry to bump this "old thread" but just wondering if anyone here still uses go dap unit 4.0 ? will it works with iphone 4s ios 7 ? i want to upgrade my iOS but afraid that it might causes trouble with the go dap thank you.
Sorry to be sounded so dumb but can you explain the difference between the hi and lo setting ? I mean whats the pro,s amd cons? Currently im on lo gain on my go dap and m100 and even in those setting i never really need full turn on the volume knob to get to the listening volume that im comfortable with. So do i need to set it on hi? And whats the pros and cons? Perhaps a technical explanation on how this work? Thank you, im so newbie in this kind of things, thanks once again
hi anak chan or whoever that have this go-dap i'm curious in what gain setting does yours is running at ?   i'm using V-moda M-100 and an ancient earbud, audiotechnica ath-cm7ti  and i'm curious in what the proper gain setting for it ? thank you.
if you have a "large" head, stay away from m-80 i tried it on the local shop here and i couldnt even fit the m-80 on my head in the end i take the risk and order the M-100 online as it still not available locally in my country. the m-100 fit me fine, but i set it on the longest click. luckilly it still fits my head fine, maybe i have abnormal head size :( anyway the m-100 sound very good INMHO i can't really comment on M-80 as i can't fit those properly to...
oh and yeah since this is my first ever headphone and first ever portable amp, (normally i'm a car audio hobbyist ) i've no idea wether is should break them in or not ? and what's the correct way to do it ? i have a pink noise from a Focal audiophile CD that i usually burns my car audio with. should i use that ? for both the headphone and the amp ? and how loud should i set it to ? low / medium/ high ? and how long i should keep them running ? thank you.
just recieved my M-100 couldnt be happier :) this is my first ever headphone normally i use my good old Audio Technica ATH-CM7Ti (ear bud) cause i'm one of those people that couldnt stand wearing an In Ear due to the stereophonic issue, it always gave me a headache. i bought V-Moda M-100 after asking several members here and after seeing all the good review about it, Thanks God i found this web site before i bought those "beats" :) and i also bought the...
whats the headphone impedance upgrade for ? i have go-Dap 4.0 not X but i thought the internal are quite similar my go dap is still at venture craft for firmware upgrade do i nned to ask them to upgrade the headphone impedance too ? i only use them with my audio technica ATH CM7Ti and V-moda M-100 if i need to upgrade that i might as well ask them for it since the go-dap is still with them right now, thank you.
thx i was gonna order it in orange for my "matte" m-100 to macth the orange cable  but too bad i don't thhink they have orange shield anymore
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