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just went to the website and it's 999.00 like most stores!
Although retail is $1000, but 850 is still expensive. btw how did you get the 150 dollar discount? is the 850 tax included?
i was talking to a guy who works at layton audio in montreal, he introduced me the place and say if i'm around town, i can try his.
Does the store provide free auditory for earphones? Finally are there anymore stock of se846?
Did you even audit the sound of se846? The sound is spectacular! the bass is visceral comparing to my se535ltd! yes i still am the owner of the red earbuds. remember one thing, se846 is a 1000 dollar iem, se535 is 500 bucks or less. 
The sound is robust with 846 with heavy padded armory but the 535 is barely padded anything....
my pain is the lack of moolah to buy it... :( plus if you buy the first batch, it comes with another protective patch for free!
After a second audit with 846, I have got to say, it completely blown my 535 off the water! the bass is visceral and impactful! the soundstage is wider with acoustic in the background! most of all, the mids are a lot clear than my 535! my 535 sounded muddy when compared with the pristine sound of 846! 
the sound of x1 is balanced tone. fiio ones are eq.
How do you let the unit to play music at 192k and not always 44.1k or 48k?BTW which edition did you get? I notice the volume knob of yours has a red ring around the bevel but mine doesn't.Thanks!
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