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After a long full year of usage, btw they sounded pristine and excellent! however i'm starting to notice tiny blots appearing on my clear cable (the tips of jack, and the connecting part). does anyone share the same problem as I have?
I've always wonder what does G stands for on the AKJR display screen. When I press it, nothing noticeably happens such as sonically wise.
Does the AK CD-ripper compatible with AK Junior, besides the higher models like AK240, AK320 and AK380?
the prototype tip of the earphone cable had the gold plate (right-red dot, left-blue dot), but the official release has the silver plate instead. why is that?  
thanks for the reply, but I really want to get it brand new. do you think is safe if i bought it from another dealer: best buy. they don't carry the item per say but they do distribute the product from another dealer: beach camera. the business method is similar to those of best buy. i guess paying it for full price is a lot safer that way. i don't mind the beaten up box but i do care about the missing accessories that came with it.    another question. i want to get the...
how would you describe the sound? ak jr is not available around my area, which means i have to blind purchase it online. official retail price is 499 but on amazon. it is listed around 419.99 to 499.99. i heard people received their item used instead of brand new. so would you say 419.99 may likely be a used product? should i go with the official retail price instead?
how does it sound? 499 is a really good price for mid-range end music player but paying for 2 or 3 more grand for the ultra high end model may sound a little crazy!
so in other words, it will read the 200gb card without any issue?
does astell & kern jr support 200gb.
don't worry bro, they are legit. they are the asian edition without the hard plastic case.
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