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Pending sale. 
Spend a bit more and go for the DX90. IMO it the best DAP in its price range. 
Just received these safe and sound thanks svry and djvkool.    I must say I am a little disappointed with these, they are dark and somewhat muffled. Vocals just sound off and veiled.    The bass is quite nice though. I'll stop here and post later when I have had more of a listen, because I don't really want to bash a new product without thoroughly listening to it first. 
Yeah, that would be awesome. I've never heard the JVCs, but I hear they are great for the money and it would be nice if the on-ear will be in a similar price range. 
Silver brightens the sound up and is the most detailed. 
Nice! I see that being appealing to a lot of people. It would be even better if they could extend it a bit more though...
 Lol, I don't even... 
 Yes, they are.
The Alfa Genus would really benefit from a middle filter. 
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