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The O2/ODAC is pretty nice. 
It would be best to just send it back to Dunu. It probably won't cost too much. 
The TH600 is not bad, but the treble was a bit too bright for me. The LCD-2 is quite overrated IMO.    You have the M-100, isn't that exactly what you are looking for? 
Cheers mate, you should give them a try, they are quite unique. 
Go for the AD900 and save yourself some money. they punch up there with the HD600s. 
Pure Setting Wow, I really did not expect to like the PR so much, they really shocked me the first time I listened to them, they far exceeded my expectations. The Pure mode seems a little V shaped but definitely not overly so. The bass is very nice and punchy, being one of the fastest IEMs that I have come across but having some very good impact. I did not find the bass lacking when I listened to the Pure setting. The sub-bass was not as present as I would have liked, but...
Wow, how exactly did you mod them? 
Which is your favourite?  Do you just change cables when you want a different sound? 
Certainly very well deserved, making such awesome cables for all of us!  Have a great time mate! Does anybody here have a comparison between the BW and the copper Venom for the HD800? Frank maybe?  Edit: Just realised this is the 7000th post lol, I'm really surprised at how fast this thread has moved, when I joined it was only a couple of thousand posts. 
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