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Wow, how exactly did you mod them? 
Which is your favourite?  Do you just change cables when you want a different sound? 
Certainly very well deserved, making such awesome cables for all of us!  Have a great time mate! Does anybody here have a comparison between the BW and the copper Venom for the HD800? Frank maybe?  Edit: Just realised this is the 7000th post lol, I'm really surprised at how fast this thread has moved, when I joined it was only a couple of thousand posts. 
Wow, that is cool, gotta sound absolutely awesome! Just wondering, what do you use for the HD800? 
Don't you think the Venom is too think for an IEM cable? 
Hell of a deal, good luck!
Imagine the copper venom and HD800...
Oops, yes it is, I meant to write that. I'll edit my post. 
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