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Anybody took pictures? Should we post them here or on another thread? The mods will be locking this soon. 
Yes, I think there is a 5 PM a day rule for new people. 
Great meet today guys!    It was great to see those who have come before and meeting some new people. I especially liked the Stax SR-5, Sennheiser HD800, Alessandro MS1i and the La Figara 339 amp. Thanks to everyone for coming and brining their stuff and thanks to Billy for once aging hosting the meet. 
The Hugo, AK240 and cable probably costs more than $5000. 
Should be fine. Be careful moving that La Figaro 
Sorry, can't help you out there lol. 
WOOOW! Wished I could hear something like that. 
If you have a lot of desktop gear please try to come a little early to set it up. 
Ah, then it's my phone then. It reads around 65db most of the time so I should be fine.    Azynneo, I guess you can come if you just bring an IE800 but definitely no more people. 
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