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Lol, 20KG...
It's in my review along with some other comparisons. Check it out
Lol, great comparisons billy.
Hey guys, up for sale today is a pair of magnificent Fostex T50RP modded headphones. I didn't mod them myself, but there is cotton inside the cups, padding on the cups for damping and foil (dynamat?) on the driver.   When I got them, I thought that they sounded amazing for so little, but it lacked a bit of bass. I then poked some holes for the bass ports and now they sound terrific. They have HiFiMAN pads and have a balanced recable with Canare wire and there is an...
My ears are pretty small and they fit fine. 
They are pretty awesome as you can tell from my review. 
Wow! Are they ready now and are the wings the tips? 
TH600 and HD600 are mine.    The HE-500 is a hell of a deal!
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