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Interesting.    Everything has been about IEMs and not much attention has been given to earbuds. Wonder how HiFiMAN will tune it. 
Crap, that's almost $100 AUD for a plug    A cheaper priced carbon fibre plug would be more than welcome. I think the acrolink ones look rather nice, but they are a little fat. I would prefer something Oyaide or Viablue sized.
Lol  If you are seriously considering buying a Porsche, I doubt you'd really care about the speakers. 
Like what? 
Carbon fibre would be awesome!
The M-stage modded with the OPA627.
Yeah, the pairing is very nice, even better than running the RE-400s balanced from the HM-700. 
iBasso D-Zero works with the Samsungs I think. 
The stock DX90/50 battery isn't anything special and costs around $10 online so I wouldn't be too worried about breaking it.    BTW if anybody wants a genuine Samsung GS3 battery that is made in Japan, mine is available. According to Rudi this is the best battery and a step up over the made in China one. 
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