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I have heard the HE-6, not sure what was used to drive it exactly, but I really liked it. IMO the headphones I've heard goes HD800, HE-6, LCD-3, Abyss, HE-500 and the LCD-2. For some reason I just didn't like the Abyss. 
What amp are your using? The B22 right? 
But I do hear a difference most of the time?  I agree that you have to use good tracks to test though, all MP3 tracks used were compressed from the original file with foorbar. 
Hey guys, has anybody done blind tests on the HD800 between 320 MP3 and FLAC? I find I cannot tell the difference on anything before, but I find that I got 80% correct on a blind test with my own equipment and music that I am familiar with. This really amazed me, I never thought there was any significant audible difference between FLAC and MP3 but apparently there is...
Another price drop and FREE SILVER RCA CABLES. Bargain guys! 
Another drop to $380 and I will even throw in a free pair of silver RCA cables. 
Postage takes anywhere between 15 and 45 days in my experience. China/HK Post is extremely slow. 
They should be quite trustworthy. 
Maybe have a look at the HE-500 as well. 
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