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Go for something like a Jaycar Pro Monitor, they are awesome for their price. 
Glad I helped 
Lol, no, not at all. If anything, acrylic might be even less durable.    You will also need to reshell after a certain period of time, which costs around $200 every time. If you want to go down the CIEM route, it might be worth it if you go for a more expensive one, I would just leave the Heir as a universal. 
The sound, comfort and isolation is better, yes, but there is not as large a difference as some make it out to be. I actually changed my custom UM Miracles to a universal one and had no regrets. 
I would not bother with it. 
Do you think we can see more pics? I'm very interested in this.
To be a contributed yoybneed to dontate to the site which I don't believe you can do anymore.
Oh, and I listened to this song on the Alfa Genus and it was pretty damn good for its price. Can't wait for the 3rd filter.   
Went for Rock Jaw Titan. Engraved name and username seems pretty cool!
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