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I found the RDB a little too bright in the treble. 
Ah, nice! Shame the old 1plus2 isn't available anymore and Rhapsodio increased the price of their RDB v1. 
Nice! Do you prefer them over your RDB v1? I found the RDBs pretty awesome.
I see. I guess everyone has different preferences; I for one, like a wider device like the Samsung phones because I have rather big hands. 
Owned these in the past and for this price they are a steal! I've dealt several times with spurxiii and he is a great guy. GLWS!
Did you buy the 1plus2 or...?
Form factor? Wouldn't it be bulkier and heavier? 
Imagine wearing the LCD-2 on the streets...
It arrived after all... Whew!
The IEMs may have been delivered to the suburb near where djvkool lives. We have filed a claim to see what is going on. First it was delivered to Queensland...
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