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Tracking number sent, @White Lotus.
Not sure, but my pair are still fine and I run in them sometimes. 
Final price drop! For $300 this is impressive, but at $140 this is a steal. Someone take this already 
I'm looking for a Sennheiser HD800, preferably without any nicks. PM me with an offer with how much you are looking for if you are selling. 
Hey guys, selling my beloved HiFiMAN HE-500 headphone. I've had it for a few months and cosmetically it is in very good condition. The pads are still very nice and feel great. I honestly never thought I would let this go, but I really want to buy a HD800 and unfortunately my budget cannot allow me to keep both.    The HE-500's have a removable grill mod where the original grills are replaced with something more open, which, in turn, makes the headphone sound more open. I...
Lol, I actually just came back from posting it. I'll send the express tracking number later. 
Sure, I'd love to give them a go.
Just get them lol, $30 for a SE315 is crazy!
Do we get to know what models they are? 
Really sorry guys, I could not get it posted today because I had sport until late after school and tomorrow I have tuition. I will get them posted on Thursday. Sorry again, I hope this is not too inconvenient. 
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