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The obvious choice would be to go with the Modi.    Price range? 
I was actually under the impression that only the original ones would be better because they are supposed to be better made? The cheap OEM ones might be even worse. 
The Noisy Motel is a very good dealer too. The owner is Billy, I'll link it when I'm on a computer.
The DN-2000 and DX90 goes very well together. 
I really didn't like the Beyerdynamic T1 when I tried it, but others seem to love it. The treble is far too spiky for me. 
If you are looking for something cheaper than maybe the Philips that you mentioned in the OP is good as well. People say it is V shaped, but personally I haven't hard it personally. 
Yes, that is what I meant.  Maybe go for the Astrotec AX35? They may be a little outside of your budget though. 
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what reviews mean by "distorted treble" but I really recommend the MH1C. They are warm but quite balanced, the cable is annoying though. 
Hmm, so the have to be bass light? If not, the MH1C is a nice choice for the price. 
PM sent. I really want a cable that isn't too thick though and the one that project86 posted a while back looks perfect. 
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