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Yeah, it is.  I was a bit disappointed with that amp. Not great IMO. 
If the sibilance is really fixed, then they are a wonderful sounding IEM. 
It's a bit worse than the DN-1000 for me. 
Lol, just about sums it up. 
The Noble 4 looks very interesting indeed. Sounds like the tonality of the HE-500 which would be very nice.    BTW d marc0, would you happen to be interested in coming to this year's Melbourne meet? Might hold it in a few months. 
He didn't really like the old version, but apparently the new one is a lot less sibilant. 
Not that they need them lol. 
I doubt it. The Pros are decent sounding and worth around $150-200 in SQ. The M-50s are not as good and certainly very much overhyped by some people. 
Unamped straight from a phone they sounded really unimpressive. 
B&O H6 is a really nice sounding headphone IMO. Of course, a TH900 or TH600 sounds pretty good unamped too but they aren't very portable. 
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