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I don't think there is anything special with my pair or the pair you have (djvkool's?) is defective, just that it varies on what tips you use. The Sony hybrids and some of the stock tips did not go well at all. 
IMO they have a larger soundstage than the DN-1000. I use the "Heir" tips, the grey one with a red bore. 
Lol, serious? The DN-2000 has a large soundstage for an IEM and I'm very impressed by it and the bass is certainly not anaemic. What are you comparing it to? A 1plus2? 
I have just sold the HE-500s, but I still have 3 aftermarket cables for them, all are in pristine condition.   The cables I have are:   - Toxic Cables Silver Poison - $220 - Forza AudioWorks FAW Noir HPC - $160 - Artemis Cables Silver Cable - $100   I'm not sure if the Artemis Cables one is silver or SPC, hence the low price. It has a ton of detail and sounds a little brighter than the SP, so I think it might be pure silver. $480 is you just want the headphone...
And they are sold. Thanks for the interest everyone!   The cables are all still available though. 
Thanks Jensy! Someone is supposed to come and pick them up today, we will see how it goes. The cables are still up for sale though!
Damn, just missed it
Yeah, I was a little worried when I bought mine, but it's really fine. 
Oh, and I have the normal version, not sure if the blue SE version is the same. 
Tracking number sent, @White Lotus.
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