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I would just be safe and buy from a reputable dealer. 
From what I hear the X5 is better but that's to be expected given the price. I'm interested to see whether the DX90 will beat the X5. 
Oh, yeah, forgot about that IEM. Must sound great! 
What's that IEM? A Fitear? 
Personally I would go for Custom Art because I've heard silicon doing good things with CIEMs, but the safer options are Inearz and UM. 
Apparently InEarz isn't as good as UM. Also, the venting may be a problem with some companies. UM will know what they are doing since it is after all, their product. They are the safe option, but if you are feeling adventurous, then Custom Art seems like a nice choice. 
UM's customer service is pretty damn bad and it took me a few months to get mine reshelled like you. There is really no option other than UM in Australia though. It would be interesting to get these reshelled into silicone CIEMs at Custom Art though. 
DACs are very important, yes. Just as important as amps, brings the detail out a lot. I have a DacMagic Plus coming soon. 
Changed the title to have the date! And Billy, how many people are allowed? We have 12 right now and someone else wants to come, but I'm not sure there will be enough space. Some people don;t turn up on the day however. 
Just saw this in your sig and a HD800 setup is too expensive so a HE-500 is the way to go. A HE-500, Mini-X and a nice DAC should be around $1500 and then maybe spend a bit on some cables. You can listen to my grill modded HE-500s at the meet.    Not sure about tubes, but as for the benefits over a high end portable setup, I can say I am a successful convert .  All IEMs I've heard don't present music in the way that high end headphones do and I find a...
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