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If he is going to use them as portable headphones then it may not be a great choice.  Would be great for the OP to tell us more about what he wants. 
Would be awesome! 
I doubt something X5's size and price can match the DX100. AK120 maybe...
Tomscy, do you have one yet? 
Haha pretty sure that was 99.99% defective. Dat veil.
H20, do you remember the RDB 2v1? It was quite good technically, but man, the overall sound... Worse than earpods. 
Nope, I don't think you lose any quality. 
You can't. You have to convert them to ALAC. 
Yeah, it is.  I was a bit disappointed with that amp. Not great IMO. 
If the sibilance is really fixed, then they are a wonderful sounding IEM. 
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