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Another drop to $380 and I will even throw in a free pair of silver RCA cables. 
Postage takes anywhere between 15 and 45 days in my experience. China/HK Post is extremely slow. 
They should be quite trustworthy. 
Maybe have a look at the HE-500 as well. 
TWFK drivers would be awesome. 
Price dropped to $400. 
Price drop to $400 already. 
I'm going to drop the price one last time to $120, if nobody gets it then I'm just gonna keep it. 
This is a great deal, I sold mine for $480 and it didn't have Jergpads. 
My beloved DacMagic Plus is up for sale. This has been treated very well and is in very good condition. It looks basically new except for a scratch on the bottom of it, which you cannot see in normal usage.    Most people who are looking at this probably know what a nice DAC the DacMagic is, it truly sound awesome. I am, however, funding an upgrade to a better DAC. The DacMagic actually measures as well as some very expensive DACs and I believe they retail in Australia...
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