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I will be bringing my newly received RHA MA750 and probably the Dunu DN1000. 
They are great! That sub bass really shocked me. They aren't the most detailed IEMs I've heard but they still pack a lot of detail and is impressive for its price. They are absolutely great for a basshead. Mids are very clear with some warmth and the treble is somewhat rolled off. It isn't too slow and actually quite fast though. 
Noisy Motel has the O2. 
Are you by any chance talking about swimsonny?
Report him...
One is stock so it should have enough power and the second is a stock SGS3 battery.    Anyway, according to Rudi there is a substantial and easily discernible difference... Think that may be a tad exaggerated. 
The thing is that I don't hear a difference large enough to be able to tell them apart consistently. But that it because there is almost a 1 minute gap between switches. 
Nice suitcase!   Also it would be nice to compare the batteries on the DX50s. Apparently some wound better than others and hopefully, I'll have a SGS3 Korea and Japan one by then. 
Nice price!   I'd pick them up if I didn't have a Miracle. 
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