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I hope. At this rate the DAP market is going to hit 10k by next year. 
Do you absolutely need a mic?
Guess it can't be April fools after all because it hit the front page. I will wait for the AK960 which costs $10000 I think. 
If the AK480 isn't actually an April fools joke, I wonder what their designer is doing. It is the worst looking DAP I have seen, even worse than the AK240 and X5 IMO. 
Hahahaha . Those extra buttons .   Price it at $6000 and it will sound better than the AK480...
I wish... You'd have to be insane to pay $5000 for a DAP IMO unless it's made out of gold....
BTW you guys see the AK480? god bless those lucky 500 who WIN it in the "lottery" but have to pay $5000 for it (closer to $5500 AUD) lolololol . 
Probably chipping in, but not this time. Perhaps the next meet since this one is already settled.
Sorry guys, it's already full. 
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